Saturday, 11 May 2013

My Sigma 'Make me crazy' brush set

Hey people, how's your weekend going?

I got myself a set of sigma brushes in february, and having used them for a while now, i think it's time to review 'em. This is actually my second set of brushes, my first was a Bobbi Brown set which i didn't really care for because some of the brushes shed a lot, and they didn't come cheap. So i decided to get another set, and chose the Sigma 'Make me crazy' set. I made my choice based on three reasons......

1) They are sooooo pretty!

2) It is a 12-piece set. My Bobbi Brown is a 32-piece set, and i didn't want that many brushes in my collection anymore because i end up not using some of them sef.

3) They are sooooo pretty!

I really like this brush set, and it comes in a very attractive package. The case itself can serve as 2 brush-holders.

When you uncover it, you have two cups/brush holders

In the set, there is a large powder brush, a duo-fibre brush, a pencil brush, a foundation brush, an angled contour/blush  brush, a tapered blending brush, a large shader brush, an eye shading brush, a medium angled shading brush, a small angled brush, and an eyeliner brush. All the brushes are labelled, so you dont have to wonder which is for what.

The foundation and the duo-fibre brush

The powder brush bristles are densely packed and are able to pick up just the right amount of powder. It's not as soft as my Bobbi Brown powder brush, but it does a pretty good job.

The duo-fibre brush is just perfect for applying liquid or cream to powder foundation.

The blush/contour brush and the foundation brush

I love how soft the foundation brush is, and how it applies my liquid foundation without leaving streaks. the curved tip enables me to reach areas my MaryKay foundation brush doesn't reach, Since the bristles are soft, they don't 'chook' the delicate skin of the MaryKay brush does a lot of chooking *wipes brow*

I like the contour/blush brush because its white and pretty. The bristles are not really soft though and i think i prefer using my Bobbi Brown brush to apply my blush.

The small brushes
 The two shader brushes i like a lot. I like the fact that these brushes don't shed at all. They pack colors onto my lids perfectly. i like to use the angled shader brush to highlight my brow bone.

Now, the tapered blending brish i don't really like. it's too big to fit in my crease, the texture of the bristles is too coarse, and it doesn't do what i expect it to do. I use it instead to blend out concealer and to contour the bridge of my nose.

The concealer brush is perfect. It's soft, its smooth. I also use it to reach areas that my foundation brush or my beauty blender doesn't reach.

I can't do without the pencil brush. It helps for precise shading and contouring of the eyes, and the pointed tip fits well into the crease. Love eeet!

The flat angled brush does a good job of defining and cleaning out my done brows to make them look sharper.

The fine-tip eyeliner brush goes hand in hand with my M.A.C fluidline eyeliner gel. It does a wonderful job in that area.

I should have taken closer pictures of the brushes one by one but i was just too lazy to do that...pardon me...maybe it's the cold weather....sowwy. Overall, this is a great brush set, and it's easy to wash. Some people who have bought this set complained about shedding, but i don't have that problem at all. Thank God i got a good set. I bought this set on for about $129 or so, and i'm enjoying my 'Make me crazy' brushes.

Have a wonderful evening.


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  1. Nice review dear, can I purchase on using my VISA Naira Card?

    1. Errm, i'm not sure Tina, i haven't tried that before.

    2. Hello Tina,

      We are a Sigma Authorized retailer here in Nigeria and we have their brushes for sale. Kindly ping 24d18c85. We deliver FREE nationwide as well.

  2. Hello! Quick question please. I notice you buy some things on Do they deliver to you in Nigeria?

    1. Actually, i purchase them through my sister in the states, and she sends them down to me in Nigeria. I haven't figured out another way yet.

  3. the bobby brown set of brushes must be fake if it sheds like you said.

    1. I thot as much. It could also be as a result of how and where it was stored right? However, only the crease/blending brush, the powder brush, and the fluffy eyeshadow brushes were affected. The others are perfectly fine.


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