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TIPS | 10 tips for managing oily skin

Good morning.

I usually get mails from readers asking how to manage their oily skin, so this post is dedicated to you all. It contains tips about how to care for, manage and control the oily skin type. I'll try to keep this as short as possible, and i hope you learn a thing or more.


1). Stay away from oil-based beauty products...all of them. There are oil-based moisturizers, makeup, etc. Using them will introduce more oil to your face, and trust me, you don't need more. So use water-based products instead. Always look out for the words 'Oil-free' and 'Water-based' and buy those products.

2). Exfoilate regularly. Why? Because oily skin tends to have an extra-thick layer of built-up dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. Exfoliating is the way to go in removing that build-up and ensuring that you have a smooth skin.

3). Never skip moisturizing. Doesn't really make sense because the skin is already oily afterall abi? Ok, lemme explain why you should moisturize even though you have oily skin. Now, when you cleanse your face, you remove moisture and oil from your skin....your skin's natural response to oil removal is to produce more oil, so it's important to keep your skin's moisture and oil level balanced by moisturizing. That way, your skin won't need to produce more oil to replace the one you washed away during cleansing. You gerrit?

4). Change your beddings especially your pillow-case frequently...once a week is good. This is because oil from your face and hair gets on it, and you don't want it to get re-introduced to your face again do you? That's one of the things that causes acne sef.

5). When doing facials, use a mud or clay mask. Helps absorb oil and tightens pores.

6). Always cleanse your face before you go to bed. Wash off all traces of makeup.

7). Reduce all the face touching abeg. It spreads bacteria quickly and results in acne.

8). Use a mattifier before applying your makeup. It absorbs oil and helps your face stay shine-free. Buy one which actually does what it says it will do *rolls eyes* A good one.

9). Use blotting papers/tissues during the day to absorb and blot out excess oil.

10). Finally, drink lots of aids in detoxification and maintains your fluid balance.

I know you might say "All these for oily skin? Wahala haff dey!" but on the bright side, consider your skin-type a blessing to you because oily skin ages at a slower rate than other skin types.  So if you take proper care of your oily skin, while those with other skin types are getting old and wrinkly, you will still be 'hotting' away! *winks*

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  1. Hmmmmm.....wahala haff dey ooo!! I went to d black up shop in silverbird abj to buy d mattifier and omo, dey said its 8,300! Mehn I ran ooooooooo!!!! Abeg recommend anoda one dat isn't so pricey. I use regular cleanser at night, d one I hav to use cotton wool and not d one I have to rinse off,hope dats ok? Pls recommend a gud exfoliator too. Tnx a bunch.

    1. Ok dear, try MaryKay's mattifier. I think it's not as expensive as blackup.

      A cleanser is a facial soap for washing the face. Like when you bathe, you don't use your body soap to wash your use a cleanser instead 'cos it's milder. The one you use a cottonwool for is a toner or an astringent. Cleansing with a cleanser on its own is important, then you rinse with water.

    2. Oh! And for the exfoliator, try St. Ives apricot scrub. It's good.

    3. Pls are u saying that washing d face with a Mild soap and then cleansing with cotton balls isn't ok. Pls I need 2 knw d best way 2 cleanse

    4. Ok, this is what i know.... We shouldn't use our normal body soap to wash our faces 'cos they are usually too harsh on our delicate facial skin. Rather, there are different kinds of facial cleansers specially formulated for our different facial skin types (dry, normal, oily, combination and sensitive). Some are in liquid form, while others are in bar form. That's what you should use to wash your face.

      Then you can go further and cleanse your face with a toner or an astringent using cottonballs. So it's not bad to wash your face first and then cleanse with cottonballs, it's just that some pple don't like having more †han 3 steps in their beauty routine.

  2. Good soup na money make am, so pls try. to get that one if it is really good .

  3. Tanx 4 d tips dear. As for d cleanser,I usd to do all dat facial cleansing wit a diff cleanser frm ur body soap bt I had acne breakout. Now I use olay soap on my body and face and so far its bin a gud relationship..lool! Aftrall its a mild soap.

  4. Mild and the products with natural ingredients are all-time safe and result oriented. Olay is becoming more famous today. However there are number of other products like world organic products that contains pure and natural ingredients giving best results.

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