Tuesday, 25 June 2013

PICTORIAL | Orange smoke

Good morning beauties

I'm sorry i didn't post the pictorial anymore yesterday....i got carried away watching 'The 4400'. It's a series i bought the other day, and it's a very intriguing movie about 4400 people that were abducted from earth from different times....some in 1932, 1954, 1960's , 1970's etc till around 2003 or so. These people were then returned back to earth at the same time, in 2005 or so in a massive ball of light. They didn't age a day, even the ones that were supposed to be 60 years old, and they had no memory of where they had been and of who took them. Guess what? They returned with special powers.....some for good, others bad. It's an interesting movie sha.

So, today, i want to post the step-by-step tutorial of how i created the 'Orange Smoke' . Like i warned yesterday, it's a lot of pictures.

My bare face. God bless whoever invented makeup.

Monday, 24 June 2013

B 'n D Makeover | Orange smoke


I'm getting good at this name thingy aren't i? *Smug Grin*......"Orange Smoke"......genius! (Who am i kidding? My four years old son can even think up a better name)

Ok, first of all *rolls eyes*....

First of all, i want to thank you all my wonderful readers for staying with me all this while and reading my blog. I mean, who woulda thunk?! 40-something thousand pageviews is not a small something. You prolly had better things to do, but you chose to read my blog at the times you did.

Gracias. God bless you immensely *Big Bear Hug*

So i did this look to fufill a request by an "Emmy".who asked if i could do a step-by-step pictorial on smokey eyes makeup. Actually, this particular post is just the pictures of the look. The pictorial will be in the next post, and i must warn you, it's a lotta pictures.

My 'Orange smoke' look.......

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Shocker!!! I MISSED THE FAIR!!!!

And it hurt soooooo bad!


How did that happen?

We underestimated Lagos traffic, and didn't set off early enough. I planned to leave Festac around 12pm, but the issue was that i didn't know my way to the venue, and i planned to go with some friends who knew their way around Ikeja ( in my defence.....Lagos is too big abeg....i can fit to lost).

We totally underestimated the traffic, and ended up spending hours at Mile2 alone. We got to berger, same thing. Sanya express, same still. It was there that i decided to call it a day and head back home. It was a classic example of 'Man proposes but God disposes'. If anyone told me last month that i wouldn't attend the LMUF, i would have asked her to get her head checked properly...but here i am wearing a long face and beating myself up.

Why didn't i just pick a cab? If i did that, there wouldn't be any reason for 'stories that touch'. I feel gravely disappointed......after all my anticipation and excitment......it was supposed to be my first makeup fair. I missed the last one 'cos it was held on my birthday, and now i have missed this one too.

This must NOT happen next year.....infact, i shall make it a prayer-point.

I planned to buy a lot of products (I even made a list), meet other MUAs, and take lots of pictures to show you people.

Oh well....no use crying over spilt milk, there will be other fairs for sure. I guess i'll just wait eargerly for thatigbochick and Beautyinlagos to post pictures from the fair on their blogs.....i know they won't disappoint.

OMG! Still can't believe i missed the fair!!!


Finally, POP concepts people, abeg, try to fix subsequent LMUFs on sundays una hear? The road is usually so free then, and people would gladly attend.

So who went to the fair? How was it?

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Friday, 21 June 2013

Managing your large pores

Good evening Beauties....

This post was inspired by a question one of my readers Tosin asked me earlier today. The question was actually in a comment on one of my old posts on blackheads. Tosin asked :

"Hey Madam Chinazor, How are you today? Just passing by and i found myself reading your very inspiring blog. i must confess u are a good hearted woman, who shares her knowledge willingly and a funny one at that...wouldn't deny the fact that i have been smiling since.(May God Bless You Abundantly) I like this topic, though its been long u posted this, but like i said earlier, i found myself here. And i think this might be long. *sorry* I really want to ask you what i can do to my face. My case is different, in the sense that, The PORES on my face are VERY open.(My T-zone and both cheeks). Though i have an oily skin and i cleanse my face every night after washing. Also, i notice that whenever i scrub my face of all impurities, i get a silky feel which is normal but the pores are always very open, which i think isn't meant to be. It is suppose to give me a smoooooooooooth face. Sometimes, i just don't get the purpose of me doing makeup on my face because my face is just never smooth, no matter the foundation/concealer and powder i use. I still find the opened pores poking out in my pictures, which is so very annoying. Though i don't have spots or serious acne on my face, just that the pores are really open and i wish they can be reduced to a minimal so that i can have a clear and very smooth face. its even plenty on my nose and my forehead. I have been told to use cold water instead of hot water to wash my face, yet the pores are still open. Please advice on what to do, any special thing i should be doing to get rid of this VERY OBVIOUS situation. As i don't feel good about this at all. I wish i could send a picture."

Thursday, 20 June 2013

B 'n D Makeover | Red light

Is anyone loving this weather as much as i am?



Good evening Lovelies, I did a look on myself featuring MAC 'Ruby woo' lipstick. Actually, i didn't start doing this look with 'ruby woo' in mind. The other red lippie i wanted to use didn't turn out well....perhaps it didn't match my skin under-tone. So, i decided to try my 'ruby woo' and surprise.....it was just what i wanted! Finally, i'm beginning to understand the craze over this lippie....i think it fits most complexions, no matter the under-tone....whether it's warm, cool or neutral.

Like i've mentioned before, i don't like the matte texture 'ruby woo' has, so i used a lipbalm on my lips first before applying so that it won't be so dry. Well, after 2 hours or so, it dried out and became matte, so i simply applied more lip balm


Exfoliating 101

Good morning Beautiful people!

PHCN wants to steal my happiness this morning, but they can't fit *insert bbm 'not intrested' smiley*.

Can you imagine? I paid my bills (I always do, right on time), yet, they disconnected my cable. This happened 3 days ago ooooo! I accosted the man in charge of my avenue, and he said it was a mistake 'cos he's new to the area and hasn't familiarized himself with our cable system, so his boys mistakenly cut my light. I jejeley told him to send them to come and re-connect me shaperly, and he said i should please call him when there's light in my area 'cos they need power to do the connection. Since that time, light only comes at night in our neighbourhood, and by that time, the NEPA office has closed (They will always be nepa to me.....PHCN my fabulous behind! *rme*).

It totally sucks! I hate it when our neighbours have light and we don't. Don't those people know how much disel and fuel cost?

Well, i've called him again this ,morning, and he said he'll send a guy to come fix it before 9am, whether there's light in our area or not. Mtcheeeeeeeeew! My own is that they should hurry 'cos i need to go make my hair.


Now, let's talk skin care. Today, we'll be talking about full-body exfoliation.

Photo Credit : Web

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW | Graftobian HD foundation (Warm)

Ndewo 'nu oooooo!

Ehn-hen...this review is on the foundation palette i mentioned here a while ago. I really don't know why i've been saving it. Ever since it was delivered to me in March or so, i've only used it twice. I was looking for a foundation palette, i saw it on amazon.com and read the reviews......it had good reviews, so i decided to go for it.

Pardon all the scratches on it
Was it a good choice? Most definately yes! The foundations in the palette are really thick, so sometimes i use a little moisturizer to thin it out for a lighter, easier-to-blend coverage...I don't like it when foundations are too thick....i don't fancy a cakey look. 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Beautiful sunday!

Howdy Lovelies.....

It's a beautiful day, and i felt like playing.

Have a lovely sunday

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Mrs O got re-defined!

Mrs O informed me yesterday that i would be doing her makeup today.

Today also happened to be her birthday, and she wanted to look good *winks*.

I said "Sure thing!"

Mrs O is the proprietress of  Moralville academy, Festac-town.

Tips | Lipstick textures

Good morning bee-you-tiful people,

I want to share with you some tips on how to apply your lipstick and get different textures/ finishes. I'll show you how to get a creamy, matte, sheer and glossy finish with the same lipstick. You can use any lipstick you choose though.

Personally, on some days, i'll just feel like wearing something really sheer on my lips. Other times, i will want it creamy. The next day, i might feel like rocking matte lips, and then the next time it will be gloss all the way!

Here are the ways i achieve those textures......

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Hey beautiful people!

I can't believe how fast today is. Wasn't it just a few minutes ago that i woke up and prepared to leave for my kids school for our termly parents/teachers conference? At the meeting, we usually get updates on their performances so far, and i always look forward to it. Dindu has improved so much....i can't believe how much he knows! MishMish....well, Mish just started school this term, and her teachers say she's doing well too.

Don't mind me, i know this has nothing to do with you, but the parents among you would understand how proud i feel right now........as in i can totally stop a stranger on the road and regale him or her with stories about my kids school work.....yeah, i'm that excited! If you aren't a parent yet, don't worry....in a short while, you will be (amen), and then you will totally understand.

So i mentioned how fast today is......hmnnn......can't believe it's 1pm already. I haven't even eaten today *stomach rumbles*

Photo Credit : Web

Today's post is about honey. I know that facials fridays are over, but i discovered more things about honey and thought to share with you all. Have you ever wondered why virtually all the natural facials recipes i posted here contained honey as one of the major ingredients?

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Presik Bela designs

Sometime ago, i did a post/interview on 'Presik Bela designs'....... see here.

Well, the reason for this post is that her Blackberry has been stolen.

So if you have her on your contact list, please delete the pin you have. She'll get another BB soon, and i'll let y'all have her new pin.

Sowwwwwy for whatever inconveniences you may have had so far.


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B 'n D Makeover | Sunset

I love warm colors. Browns, golds, coppers, etc. That's why i love my Sleek 'sunset' palette (That's where i coined the name of this look from by the way) and my Coastal scents 88 color warm palette.

To create this look, i used some colors from the 'Sunset' palette. By the way, think i need to reset my camera 'cos i kinda tampered with it and now i look sorta washed-out in my pictures.

Oh well.......Let's manage it for now.

Monday, 10 June 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW | Sleek blush by 3 'Lace' & 'Pink Sprint'

Sometime ago, i bought 2 of Sleek cosmetics blush by 3 palettes. The first one i bought was 'Pink Sprint', and then last saturday, i bought 'Lace' which i absolutely love!

'Lace' Featuring Mish Mish's foot

PICTORIAL | Silver lining

Morning Lovelies

Like i promised, here is a step-by-step pictorial of the look i tagged 'Silver lining' which i did on my friend Henrie.

I confess, i couldn't remember the exact shades i used, but i was close. All i know is that i got the silver and the lighter blue from my BH cosmetics 4th edition palette, then i got the darker blue and the black shades from my Sleek 'Bad girl' palette *shrugs*

You can tweak this look to your taste by using different shades and colors from the ones i used.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW | MaryKay foundation primer

In my quest for a good primer, some wonderful people recommended MaryKay foundation primer to me. I already had the 'Blackup' primer in mind, but when i compared the prices (N8,500 vs N2,500), i decided to get the MaryKay one first and test it.

Each time i asked my trusted supplier, she said she didn't have it yet....so one day, i went into Oxpharm to buy huggies for my Mish-mish, i asked them in the beauty section and they said they had the primer, but alas! It wasn't on my budget for that day. The store attendant tried to persuade me to buy it, and i almost gave in but i had to 'be a man' and stand my ground that i wouldn't exceed my spending budget for that day. #EeeesaBigProblem

B 'n D Makeover | Just Peachy!

Lovely saturday.....

I especially loved the rain.

This look here was insired by my T-shirt. Peach is a lovely color.

Friday, 7 June 2013

PICTORIAL | How to fix your falsies

My people!

How una dey? I trust that you are all doing well.

Thank God for today...better than yesterday. I got my well-deserved rest....well, sort of.... I still had to do school runs and prepare a pictorial for you ladies. I also had to use my new primer today, and i must say i'm impressed. I'll post the review tomorrow. Today is all about this pictorial.


Who doesn't love 'em?

What?!! You don't? Where are you from again?

I kid.

Don't let my eyes scare you.....they scare even me sometimes! *Goofy Grin*
 Anyways, i love my falsies. I remember when i bought my very first falsies and struggled to fix them. It took so many tries before i could get it right. Remember....practice does make perfect.

Thursday, 6 June 2013



Today was such a busy day......... i'm soooooo knackered!

Wish i had the strength to type a proper post, but i just kent....i kent.

By the way, I got myself a MaryKay face primer today. Yippie yaaaaaay!

Can't wait to try it out.....watch out for a review.

Now, my babies want to play with me.....i really wish i could.

I'm just going to order some agboju suya and a cold bottle of coke #Bliss

I hope you had a great day.

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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

B 'n D Makeover | Silver lining

That's the name i could think up. Biko don't laugh. Well, maybe it's because we used a silver gele. Oh well.........

Anyways, good afternoon lovelies.

I think i'm kinda stressed, driving in Lagos does that to me......Mtcheeeeeew! There are a lot of maniacs on the road! Many do not know how to use their indicator lights! The 'okada' riders are obviously from another planet! And of course, everyone is right! The things that come out of my mouth while driving ehn! Infact........*hides face* #RantOver

So, yesterday, i paid my friend Henrie a visit and gave her a makeover of some sort. l'll let the pictures do the talking...

Professional makeup training | 10th - 28th June 2013

Hiya folks!

Blushes 'n Dimples makeup school presents her Professional training session for the month of June.

Training commences on Monday the 10th of June, and ends on Friday the 28th of June 2013 ( It's a 3 weeks course)

•Introduction to skin care and understanding facial structure
•Use and maintainance of makeup tools
•Introduction to makeup products
•Eyebrow grooming and filling
•Contouring and highlighting
•Fixing false lashes
•Natural makeup
•Night makeup
•Bridal makeup
•Smokey look
•Engagement makeup
•Fashion/runway/ photography makeup
•Gele tying (3 styles)
•How to run a successful makeup business
•Building your portfolio

Registration is still in progress...............

For more info, please call 08062511430
PIN : 27520BFD

Learn to apply makeup like a pro!

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Monday, 3 June 2013

PICTORIAL | How to apply Lipstick

Did you say "Hian!"? (˘̯˘) (˘̯˘)

As in "Hian!, who doesn't know how to apply lipstick?"  Hmnnnn, it will shock you that a lot of people don't really know how to. Haven't you seen ladies wearing lipstick with a glaringly different lip-liner........say black liner and red lipstick? Ok, i exaggerate , but i do remember when ladies used those colors on their lips many many years ago. Besides, we learn everyday, so you just might learn something new from this pictorial, which you didn't know previously.

I love lipsticks.....the creamier, the berrer! That's why i avoid matte lipsticks like a plague, infact, i'm one of those ladies who do not like MAC Ruby Woo lipstick (Shoot me now *sticks out tongue*). I also don't like lipsticks that have any shimmery undertone at all. They look good on people sha, but i just don't like them on my lips...*shrugs*

In this pictorial, i used 4 different lipsticks....3 by Jordana, 1 by Flormar, so brace yourselves because ye shall behold a lot of pictures.

Now, before starting on your lips, make sure that they are soft and supple. You can achieve this by scrubbing them and then using a little lip moisturizer on them. Remember when i did a post on lip care? No? Ok see it here. I've also done a post on lip liners and lipsticks and all you need to know about them.

My products...... All ready
 After ensuring that your lips are ready, get your lip liner of choice, your lipstick of choice, lip gloss (If you want shine on your lips), concealer (If you have uneven shades on your lips), cotton swabs, blotting paper and your lip brush.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Eye shadow primer vs Eye shadow base

Good morning everyone.

It's a rainy sunday morning, and I'm glad because at least the sun  won't be so mean today.

By the way, what am i doing...blogging on a sunday morning? *Hides face*

My eyeshadow primers and bases
 Did you know that there are eyeshadow primers, and there are also eyeshadow bases? (I know that a lot of you don't know that....it's allowed sha)

I used to think that eyeshadow bases and primers are the same thing, but recently I've come to know better, and i thought to share my findings here for those who want to know.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

The MUA/Client relationship

Hello dear people, it's been a while!

Over the past few days, i have come to the realization that if there's one thing we human beings take for granted, it's perfect health. Most times, it takes a headache or even sore-throat to remind us that we are blessed to have good health. I was under the weather for a few days sha, but i thank God that I'm fine now. *phew!*.

Then i got well, and it felt like i lost the will to blog *shrugs*. I dunno why, but i would fire up my lappy with the sole intent of blogging, and then i'll stare blankly at my lappy screen. After a long while, i'll shut down my lappy and get busy with something else. I even visited other blogs and left comments there....anyway, i have no idea why that happened. #DeepSigh.