Monday, 24 June 2013

B 'n D Makeover | Orange smoke


I'm getting good at this name thingy aren't i? *Smug Grin*......"Orange Smoke"......genius! (Who am i kidding? My four years old son can even think up a better name)

Ok, first of all *rolls eyes*....

First of all, i want to thank you all my wonderful readers for staying with me all this while and reading my blog. I mean, who woulda thunk?! 40-something thousand pageviews is not a small something. You prolly had better things to do, but you chose to read my blog at the times you did.

Gracias. God bless you immensely *Big Bear Hug*

So i did this look to fufill a request by an "Emmy".who asked if i could do a step-by-step pictorial on smokey eyes makeup. Actually, this particular post is just the pictures of the look. The pictorial will be in the next post, and i must warn you, it's a lotta pictures.

My 'Orange smoke' look.......

I'm sure you have noticed that i like to pair my smokey eyes with nude/neutral/mild lips. It looks much better that way.

Don't mind me, i love playing with my picture editor.

In the next post, you will get to see how i achieved this look. Im not sure i'm ready to start uploading video tutorials just yet. Thinking about it alone gives me the jitters *shudders*

Anywhoo, here's a list of the products i used to achieve my Orange Smoke......

  • MaryKay foundations in Bronze 607 and 507 for coverage
  • MaryKay foundations in Bronze 708 and 507 for countouring and highlighting
  • Sleek pressed powder (Can't remember the shade....too lazy to check)
  • Sleek blush-by-3 palette in 'Lace'
  • MaryKay concealers in Bronze 1 and 2 for defining my eyebrows

  • Tara's eye primer
  • An Orange and black from Sleek's 'sunset' palette
  • Zaron's 'Black velvet' eyeliner
  • MACs gel eyeliner in 'Blacktrack'
  • A light Estee Lauder eyeshadow to highlight my brow bone (Cant remember the shade either)

  • Jordana lipliner in 'Hot Cocoa'
  • MaryKay's 'Frosted Rose' lipstick


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  1. Cheeeei! You have fine eyes for makeup. Flawless makeover pls teach me

    1. Thanks Egolicious. I shall teach thee once we conclude.

  2. Please, can you send your training details to I need makeup training for myself not commercial. Pls waiting to hear from you please.

  3. Beautiful Lady with a beautiful heart*Emmy*


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