Tuesday, 4 June 2013

B 'n D Makeover | Silver lining

That's the name i could think up. Biko don't laugh. Well, maybe it's because we used a silver gele. Oh well.........

Anyways, good afternoon lovelies.

I think i'm kinda stressed, driving in Lagos does that to me......Mtcheeeeeew! There are a lot of maniacs on the road! Many do not know how to use their indicator lights! The 'okada' riders are obviously from another planet! And of course, everyone is right! The things that come out of my mouth while driving ehn! Infact........*hides face* #RantOver

So, yesterday, i paid my friend Henrie a visit and gave her a makeover of some sort. l'll let the pictures do the talking...


That was yesterday.

Today, i'm just hungry.....and as a result of that, i'm not seeing well. You won't believe how many typos i've corrected in this post. Lemme go and find food to chop ojare. I'll be back.....or not.


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  1. Nice one!!!..,I love the eye shadow combo and pls tell her to dash me her necklace..hahaha

    1. Ngwanu, Henrie, you haff hear it abi? Dash anon your necklace. Loolz!

  2. Lovely,,,job. Well done

  3. joyz beauty world5 June 2013 at 04:17

    U are jus to much.nice job

  4. Lolzzzzzzz....locking my necklace inside central bank safe.hahahahhahahaha......u r goin places Aunty Blush

  5. Luvly eyeshadow. Wish u had illustrated on how u applied it

  6. Yeah...jst lyk bosslady mims..wish u had tld us our u applied it..puhlease can u tell us..muah..nice wrk..

  7. Ok, i'll do a step-by-step pictorial today on this look. Stay tuned.


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