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Eye shadow primer vs Eye shadow base

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It's a rainy sunday morning, and I'm glad because at least the sun  won't be so mean today.

By the way, what am i doing...blogging on a sunday morning? *Hides face*

My eyeshadow primers and bases
 Did you know that there are eyeshadow primers, and there are also eyeshadow bases? (I know that a lot of you don't know's allowed sha)

I used to think that eyeshadow bases and primers are the same thing, but recently I've come to know better, and i thought to share my findings here for those who want to know.

First, i'll start by explaining what the 2 products are and what they are used for.....

An eyeprimer is a light cream that is applied on the eyes as the first layer to prepare the eyelids for eyeshadow application. It gives your eyeshadow something to stick to, and intensifies the color and vibrancy of the eyeshadow. The primer also creates a barrier between your skin and the eye makeup and seals the oil of your skin away from the eyeshadow....hereby preventing your eyeshadow from creasing ('cos it's the oil that causes the creasing). It helps make your eyeshadow last longer too. It's usually a cream, neutral or invisible color.

My eyeshadow primers

An eyeshadow base on the other hand comes in different colours. It is a thicker cream which is applied to the eyelids before applying eyeshadow. The main purpose of the eyeshadow base is to intensify the color and vibrancy of the eyeshadow. It doesn't prevent creasing or fading, and may not make the eyeshadow last long on your lids.

My NYX eyeshadow bases

Now, the differences between the 2 are:

***The eyeprimer makes the eyeshadow last long while the base doesn't.

***The eyeprimer prevents the eyeshadow from creasing, while the base doesn't do that. Infact, some bases even crease on you when you apply them!

So, what the eye primer does is that it makes a smoother, even, oil-free canvas for applying your eyeshadow, it helps the eyeshadow glide on easily and makes blending easier. It prevents creasing and seperates the oil on your lids from the eyeshadow (You see? It's necessary for people who have oily lids).

Now, all the eyeshadow base does is that it makes your eyeshadow come out brighter and more vivid and vibrant #dazall

If you like, you can use your primer by itself without the help of a base....especially if you want your eyeshadow to look subtle, and it will still last all day and not crease on you. But on the other hand, if you use the eyeshadow base without a primer, it's possible that your eyeshadow will crease and not last all day.

Do you gerrrrit now? They aren't the same thing.

Note that the primer should always come before the base.


***Light colored bases help to intensify bright eyeshadow colors. If you use a dark colored base beneath a bright eyeshadow color, it will make it dull.

***Dark colored bases bring out the hidden color in duo-chrome eyeshadows.

***If you use a base that is the same color with the eyeshadow you want to use, it will bring out the true color of the eyeshadow.

***Finally, neutral/skin-tone colored bases works well with all colors of should probably stick to them.

As for me, i can do very well without using an eyeshadow base. Most times, i stick to my primer alone sef. For now, my Tara primer is 'IT' for me until i discover a better one.

Remember that you can use your primer and your base together if you are so inclined....just remember that the primer goes first.

I really hope that this post was helpful. Enjoy your sunday *Back to watching cartoon with my kids*

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  1. I didn't know this at all. Thank you Shishi.
    Happy Sunday, hope the rain has gone to sleep?

    1. You are very welcome.
      Yes it has gone to sleep, and I'm loving the cool weather.

  2. Hey thanks a lot for dIs post I really needed it.quick question,how gud is d tAra primer?Its d only primer I've seen in owerri n I want to get ur take on it before buying it.can u do a review?

  3. Hey thanks a lot for dIs post I really needed it.quick question,how gud is d tAra primer?Its d only primer I've seen in owerri n I want to get ur take on it before buying it.can u do a review?

    1. Glad i could help dear.

      I did a detailed review on the Tara primer not too long ago. I'm replying wit my fon so i can't post the link here for easy clicking. It's a few posts back though.

      You culd try typing "Tara primer" in the search box on this blog, and you will find the post.

  4. Seen it love.thanx a lot n luvly blog bn readn each post n I muSt Say ur blog Is very interestn.thanx

    1. Thank you so much dear. I'm glad you like my blog.

  5. joyz beauty world3 June 2013 at 00:36

    Tanx for d post ma,am really luving ur blog

  6. Tnx. Dear..... For upcoming MUA like me

  7. Sleek palette primer is good too n comes in diff common/regular colours

    1. I've heard about that primer palette, I've even seen it, but I'm yet to buy one. I tink i just prefer it simple wit my Tara and MaryKay...*Smiles*

    2. Love ur blog like madt,this review is sooo detailed.more please.I'm an upcoming MUA and I want to be like u when I grow up*winks*

  8. Thanks chi for this your blog. My eyeshadow will take a new shape from now. *smiles*


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