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PICTORIAL | How to apply Lipstick

Did you say "Hian!"? (˘̯˘) (˘̯˘)

As in "Hian!, who doesn't know how to apply lipstick?"  Hmnnnn, it will shock you that a lot of people don't really know how to. Haven't you seen ladies wearing lipstick with a glaringly different lip-liner........say black liner and red lipstick? Ok, i exaggerate , but i do remember when ladies used those colors on their lips many many years ago. Besides, we learn everyday, so you just might learn something new from this pictorial, which you didn't know previously.

I love lipsticks.....the creamier, the berrer! That's why i avoid matte lipsticks like a plague, infact, i'm one of those ladies who do not like MAC Ruby Woo lipstick (Shoot me now *sticks out tongue*). I also don't like lipsticks that have any shimmery undertone at all. They look good on people sha, but i just don't like them on my lips...*shrugs*

In this pictorial, i used 4 different lipsticks....3 by Jordana, 1 by Flormar, so brace yourselves because ye shall behold a lot of pictures.

Now, before starting on your lips, make sure that they are soft and supple. You can achieve this by scrubbing them and then using a little lip moisturizer on them. Remember when i did a post on lip care? No? Ok see it here. I've also done a post on lip liners and lipsticks and all you need to know about them.

My products...... All ready
 After ensuring that your lips are ready, get your lip liner of choice, your lipstick of choice, lip gloss (If you want shine on your lips), concealer (If you have uneven shades on your lips), cotton swabs, blotting paper and your lip brush.

My clean, slightly moisturized lips
I included a concealer because my natural lip color is uneven, and i needed to even it out, so a concealer did the job for me. If you have unevenly pigmented lips, they might affect the way the lipstick will look on your lips, so you might need to even it out with a concealer. Some people have very dark lips. Use a concealer to lighten them up before applying lipstick.

My lips with concealer applied

Next, i lined my lips with a lipliner. I used 'Fussy Fusha' by Zaron here. See how i lined just inside the natural outline of my lips? Lining on top of the outline would give an illusion of fuller lips, and no, i didn't want them fuller than they already are....thank you very mulsh.

When lining, remember to smile a little so as to stretch out the lips to make for easier and neater application. Not doing so will make the pencil drag on the lips.

Then, using a lip brush, i blended out the outline i created with the lipliner.

Lip liner blended out
  Still using the lipbrush, i applied my Flormar pretty pink Lipstick in 'Cream & Glaze'. I built it up to the level i wanted it. Finally, i used my cotton swabs to clean out the edges carefully to remove any smeared lip stain outside my lips.

  Ok, for the 2nd one, i used my Jordana lip liner in 'Plush Plum' to line my lips.....this time, i didn't use a concealer to even out anything.

Lined lips
  Then, like before, i blended out the lip liner. After that, i applied my Jordana 'Cabaret' lipstick all over my lips using my lip brush.

Then i did something different which i normally do if i want my lipstick to last longer on my lips.....i used a blotting paper to carefully blot out the lipstick on my lips (You can also use a small square of tissue paper if you don't have blotting paper). I did this by placing the paper between my lips and pressing them down on the paper. Some people use translucent powder on their blotting paper or tissue while doing this. Me i don't sha.


Then after doing the blotting, i applied another layer of the same lipstick on my lips and finally topped off the lip liner.

Finished lips....after the blotting and re-applying
 The 3rd lip liner i used is my 'Hot Cocoa' by Jordana. As usual, i blended out the lip liner.

All blended out
  Then, i applied my Jordana lipstick in 'Chocolate'. By the way, i didn't use gloss in any of the pics above because the lipsticks were already creamy enough for me. Also, i didn't do any blotting this time.

All done. I really like this color....used it for the first time today.
 Now, i have mentioned before in one of my posts that your lipliner must be the same color as your lipstick of choice. Also, it can either be the same shade or a shade or two darker than the lipstick. In the pictures above, i used lip liners that are the same shades as the lipsticks used. However, in this last one, i decided to use a lipliner that is slightly darker than the lipstick used.

I used my 'Plush Plum' Lip liner again, and the lipstick is 'Rosette'......both by Jordana cosmetics.

I also topped it off with a little lip gloss for some extra shine. Remember, if you must use gloss, use with caution, as too much of it can make the lips look too full.

There you have it!
In case you're wondering, i used mostly jordana lipsticks because they are the ones i could afford to waste....i was applying and cleaning off with baby wipes......and of course, i also used them because of that  sweet smell they have which i absolutely love!

So dears, what do you think? Did you learn something different? I hope you did. Now, you know how to do your lips (those who didn't know *winks*).

Now, thou shouldest go in peace and have fun with lip colors!


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