Friday, 7 June 2013

PICTORIAL | How to fix your falsies

My people!

How una dey? I trust that you are all doing well.

Thank God for today...better than yesterday. I got my well-deserved rest....well, sort of.... I still had to do school runs and prepare a pictorial for you ladies. I also had to use my new primer today, and i must say i'm impressed. I'll post the review tomorrow. Today is all about this pictorial.


Who doesn't love 'em?

What?!! You don't? Where are you from again?

I kid.

Don't let my eyes scare you.....they scare even me sometimes! *Goofy Grin*
 Anyways, i love my falsies. I remember when i bought my very first falsies and struggled to fix them. It took so many tries before i could get it right. Remember....practice does make perfect.

False lashes makes any makeup look you have on your face pop! It completes the look. It gives the look that extra glam, pizzaz, wow-factor....*feel free to insert any apt adjective here*

In this pictorial, i'll show you how to fix your falsies, and just in case you don't get it right on the first try, do it again....with time, you will get it.

The lashes, a small scissors, tweezers and lash glue
 The tweezers is optional 'cos you can use your hands if you want and if you can. The scissors is used to trim the false lashs if need be. Some lashes are usually long, so you should measure first by placing the lash on your own lash line to see where you need to cut off with the scissors.

You see the extra pointy edges on this lash, i didn't need them, so i trimmed them off.
 Remove a lash from the pack, and be careful not to disfigure them while removing because some lashes are really soft and delicate.

Turn the lash over and apply glue just on the edge. Be sure to use just enough glue that will be able to hold the lash on your lids. After applying the glue on the lash, hold it for a little while to let the glue get tacky, so that when you place it on your own lash, it will stick.

My bare, lashless eye.
After holding the lash with the glue on it and letting it get a little tacky, gently place it as close to your lash line as possible, then shift it with your tweezers or just your fingers to make it sit in the desired position.  

See that little space between the falsies and my own lashes? It shouldn't be there.

It is supposed to sit directly on top of your natural lashes, but for some reason, this particular one refused to sit. It kept sliding upwards in the middle, and i kept pulling it down. Don't worry, i'll get myself proper falsies and show you how it's supposed to look in one of my makeover posts.

Dont worry about the white dries clear
  While waiting for it to dry, feel free to do the other eye. I sha didn't have strength to do both eyes, so i just did one

Now, it's dry

When buying glue for your falsies, bear in mind that not all of them dries clear. Some leave an untidy mess on the lid and ruins the makeup, so check to see if it dries clear before you purchase.

To remove your falsies, pull out from one corner very gently. If it resists, don't force it....swipe baby oil on your eye lid making sure it soaks the lash line too, wait a few seconds and then gently tug off.

After removing the falsies, gently remove the used glue from the strip, then place the falsies in their pack tp preserve their shape so that they will be in good condition for the next use. Click here to read up how to care for your falsies.

I really do hope this pictorial was helpful.....

Until tomorrow by HIS grace....

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  1. How long do u have to wait b4 d glue gets tacky so u can put d lashes on ur natural lashes??

  2. I really L♥√ع this!!! I have long rough eyelashes that I sometimes I cut them out with scissors cos it keeps entering my eyes and anytime it grows back, its becomes worse. I really don't like fixing eyelashes though I've tried it once but it didn't sit and I had to remove them. Please how can I straighten my eyelashes? Can you please tell me a good mascara that I can use?
    By the way, I really love this, I'l like to take the risk to try it out.

    1. There are lots of good mascaras in the market. Sleek, Clinique, MaryKay, etc. Just search for my old post about mascaras, it will help you make a choice. Use the search tab on the top left-hand corner of this blog.

      Seriously? Your lashes are that long?! Try using a lash-curler too if you can find one sha.

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  4. Please what's the name of that glue? Need to get for my self.


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