Tuesday, 25 June 2013

PICTORIAL | Orange smoke

Good morning beauties

I'm sorry i didn't post the pictorial anymore yesterday....i got carried away watching 'The 4400'. It's a series i bought the other day, and it's a very intriguing movie about 4400 people that were abducted from earth from different times....some in 1932, 1954, 1960's , 1970's etc till around 2003 or so. These people were then returned back to earth at the same time, in 2005 or so in a massive ball of light. They didn't age a day, even the ones that were supposed to be 60 years old, and they had no memory of where they had been and of who took them. Guess what? They returned with special powers.....some for good, others bad. It's an interesting movie sha.

So, today, i want to post the step-by-step tutorial of how i created the 'Orange Smoke' . Like i warned yesterday, it's a lot of pictures.

My bare face. God bless whoever invented makeup.
 The look is not too smokey sha 'cos in as much as i love a smoked look, i don't like it very dark....i still love my colors....that's why i always use a colored base before applying black on top of it. If you want yours darker, simply apply more black and remember to blend it out well. Blending IS important in a smokey look.

So Emmy, this is for you....and also for any other interested reader...


Here, i have tied my hair back to avoid tendrils falling over my face and getting into my eyes. I have also done my eyebrows.

Next, i prepped my eyes by applying my Tara eyeshadow primer all over my eyelids. I also applied my NYX eyeshadow base in skin-tone in order to intensify the vibrancy of the colors i want to use. However, if you don't have an eyeshadow base, the primer alone will do just fine.

Next, i applied a Dark brown eyeshadow color from my Sleek 'Paraguaya' palette in my crease. This is supposed to act as my transition color and to help with blending. (I think i forgot to include this in the list of products used in the last post......forgive)

Then, in the next pix, i applied an orange color from my Sleek 'Sunset' palette all over my lids. This is the base color for my smokey eye, and it's also why the look was christened 'Orange Smoke' *winks and grins*

Now, here, i have applied black over the orange. Notice that i didn't really apply black in the inner corners? Yeah, i wanted that part to remain orange. I wanted to try something different. It turned out pretty well i must say.

Next, i highlighted my brow bone with a light color from my Estee Lauder palette. Don't know the name. Well, any light color will do 'cos light colors are usually used to highlight the brow bone. I used a matte texture here sha, but if you are skilled at blending, you can try a shimmery texture.

In the next pix, i applied my Zaron 'Black velvet' eyeliner in my upper and lower waterlines. Did you notice how it suddenly gave my eyes a deeper dimension? Cool stuff! I also applied a black eyeshadow on my lower lash line (I don't like to use pencils there...they smear.....well, unless i go ahead and set the pencil line with an eyeshadow of the same color).

In the next picture, i have lined my upper lash line with my MAC fluidline eyeliner in 'blacktrack'. Peer closely, ye shall sight it.

Chai! See transformation!
 Now, it's 'Lash time'. In the next pix, i carefully placed my eyelashes in position. I havent fixed the other one here. When i place the lash, i secure the middle first, then one end, and finally the other end.

Lash properly placed. Don't worry, the glue dries clear.

Now, on to the lips. Here, i have lined the lips using my Jordana lipliner in 'Hot Cocoa' and i have also blended out the outline.

Next, i applied my MaryKay 'Frosted Rose' lipstick all over my lips. Did i mention that i love the lipstick? My kinda shade......mild.

In the next pix, I have applied my MaryKay Bronze 607 mixed with a 'lil Bronze 507 all over my face. Did you notice that my nose looks more pointed than it actually is? Yelz....i contoured it a bit with Bronze 708, and i highlighted with bronze 507.

In the next pix, i used my sleek pressed powder in 'Tropical bronze' to set the foundation and brighten up my face (i finally overcame my laziness and checked my makeup box to get the powder shade).

Finally, i applied my blush from my Sleek 'Lace' blush-by-3 palette on the apples of my cheeks......and voila! We are done!

I just had to let down my hair to take a finer picture.

Try out the look and please send pictures if possible to blushes.dimples@gmail.com. I'll love to see how you would do.....don't worry, i won't post the pictures here if you don't want me to.

Hope this pictorial helped.

Have a wonderful day......


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  1. Sorry for you. You know how to make me laugh.

  2. Shishi please can you do a post on DIY for eye lashes. I need help. If you no like am you can send to wives connection to put up so we all learn.

    1. I'm glad i made you laugh.

      I've actually done a post on how to fix eye lashes ooo! If only i knew how to put a link in the comments, i would have linked you to the post easily.

      The post isn't too far back sha. just type 'How to fix falsies' in the search box.....top left corner.

  3. Wow, this pictorial really helped abeg! You looked very nice; please can you a do a pictorial on contouring and highlighting? Pretty please? :)

    1. Really? #Gasp! I'm glad it helped ooooo!

      I had a feeling someone would ask for a contouring and highlighting tutorial.

      Alrighty then...the tutorial would be coming up soon...stay tuned.

  4. Scared of trying lashes,any side effects?

    1. No side effects. Well, unless you don't remove the lashes properly, then you might lose some of your natural lashes.

    2. Also, the glue might be an irritant if you have sensitive skin. But dat doesn't happen always.

  5. OMG! THANKs THANKS THANKS DEAR. I can't wait to do d practical, I will let you know when am thro *Hugs*:Hugs again: (Emmy)

    1. You are very welcome. I'll love to see pictures too plsssssss! Don't worry, i won't publish them here.

  6. Thanks. what primer do you advise for an oily skin.

    1. Try the MaryKay primer. But if you have 8.5k, you can try the blackup primer.

  7. D falsies dey sell in naija r so appalling. Wen I saw ur DIY on falsies, I had 2 tel ma sista 2 send me frm abroad. N shez sendin a 5in1. Dancing azonto. Wen I launch dem, u wld get pictures :)

  8. Chai Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ transformation...LMAO. U r funny nne. Am not really good at makeup,how do I cope?

    1. You can do a personal makeup training If you want dear.

  9. Love the look , but I don't think I can go through all the steps. Lol

  10. I'll do this look tmoro n I'll send u a picture via BBM. kippin my fingas crossed it will turn out atleast half as gud as urs.don't have falies tho but I have a gud mascara.u re d bomb


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