Monday, 10 June 2013

PICTORIAL | Silver lining

Morning Lovelies

Like i promised, here is a step-by-step pictorial of the look i tagged 'Silver lining' which i did on my friend Henrie.

I confess, i couldn't remember the exact shades i used, but i was close. All i know is that i got the silver and the lighter blue from my BH cosmetics 4th edition palette, then i got the darker blue and the black shades from my Sleek 'Bad girl' palette *shrugs*

You can tweak this look to your taste by using different shades and colors from the ones i used.

Ok, here are the pictures.......

1). Bare eyes without any makeup.

2). Brows are done.

3). Applied my Tara primer all over my lids

4). Applying a skin-toned brown eyeshadow from my sleek 'storm palette in my crease...using 'wind-sheild wiper' motions

5). I applied a silver eyeshadow in the inner corners of my eyes.

6). I applied a light blue eyeshadow in the middle of my eyelids making sure to blend the blue and silver into each other.

7). I applied a darker blue from my sleek 'Bad girl' palette on the outer corners of my eyes. Remeber to blend.

8). Using a black from my 'bad girl' palette, i outlined my 'outer 'v'', hence giving the outer corners of my eyes a deeper look.

9). Using the same skin-toned brown, i blended the colors into my crease.

10). I lined my upper lash line using my MAC Fluidline in 'Black-track'.

11). I lined my upper and lower waterlines using my Zaron 'Black Velvet' eye liner.

12). I fixed my lashes, and voila! Finito!


I really hope the pictures helps. Perhaps, soon i'll be able to do video tutorials, but i'm not sure i'm comfortable with that yet. Besides, i have to get a tripod for my camera first. Let's keep our fingers crossed shall we?


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