Tuesday, 18 June 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW | Graftobian HD foundation (Warm)

Ndewo 'nu oooooo!

Ehn-hen...this review is on the foundation palette i mentioned here a while ago. I really don't know why i've been saving it. Ever since it was delivered to me in March or so, i've only used it twice. I was looking for a foundation palette, i saw it on amazon.com and read the reviews......it had good reviews, so i decided to go for it.

Pardon all the scratches on it
Was it a good choice? Most definately yes! The foundations in the palette are really thick, so sometimes i use a little moisturizer to thin it out for a lighter, easier-to-blend coverage...I don't like it when foundations are too thick....i don't fancy a cakey look. 

The graftobian HD super palettes comes in Neutral, Warm, and Cool. I went for the 'Warm' 'cos it has our kind of shades and it's more yellow-based than the other two. The first time i used this foundation, i applied it with my Marykay foundation brush, and it didn't apply so well because it left some streaks which i had to work hard to blend out. The second time, i used my beauty blender and it was aaaaaaah-may-zing! It gave a beautiful coverage.

It's really good to experiment with tools and products.... that way, you get to know what works best with what. Don't just give up on products and discard them, try them in different ways till you figure out the best way to use 'em. That's why i haven't given up on my Boots no 7 shine -free primer and my NYX lip pencils (I found out that i bought a fake batch by the way... that's why i had a bad review for it). I'll keep experimenting with them, there must be a way they will work out well for me.

But that's by the way......

See where i took out a 'lil bit
 Next time, i'll use my Sigma foundation brush....that one is a wonder on it's own, i'm sure it will do well. So this graftobian HD foundation is perfect for pictures, photoshoots, stage makeup and for T.V/studio.

A closer look

If this foundation is great for pictures, then it will be wonderful for brides. I also love the fact that a little of this product goes a long way. Once i take out a little i blend it evenly over the face, and like i mentioned above, if i want it lighter, i mix it with a thinner.

Will i buy it again?

Most definately yeah!

By the way, Priscilla of Presik/Bela designs has gotten a new BB pin, so those interested can add her up again. Check here for her post and her contact details too.

I'm seriously thinking of changing the settings on this blog, so that if you want to comment, you will be asked to type in a code which will be displayed on your screen. I want to do this because the spam comments are getting out of hand. If you have a blog, you will know how annoying it can be. Actually, i would have done it since, but the reason why i haven't done it yet is that i know some people don't like being asked to type in that code while commenting on a blog...... well, personally, i don't sha.

Ok, you know what, lets leave it like this for a while. But if the spam continues, i just might have to change the settings. I hope the frequent commenters won't mind.....*Bats eyelashes*

Anyways.......Have a good night.

Abrazos y besos.

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  1. How much is it?

  2. Y̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥å! I ws wonderin bout d rubbish spam comments O! I hvnt seen dem on som oda blogs, so y?

    1. My dear, I tire ooo! I tink you don't see them on other blogs because the blog owners tweaked their settings so that you have to type a code before commenting to prove you ain't a robot.

      I'm seriously considering that too.

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  4. Replies
    1. Depends on how much dollar is. I sha know I bought it for $75. The $65 I wrote previously was a mistake. I just checked my 'lil book to confirm.


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