Saturday, 8 June 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW | MaryKay foundation primer

In my quest for a good primer, some wonderful people recommended MaryKay foundation primer to me. I already had the 'Blackup' primer in mind, but when i compared the prices (N8,500 vs N2,500), i decided to get the MaryKay one first and test it.

Each time i asked my trusted supplier, she said she didn't have it one day, i went into Oxpharm to buy huggies for my Mish-mish, i asked them in the beauty section and they said they had the primer, but alas! It wasn't on my budget for that day. The store attendant tried to persuade me to buy it, and i almost gave in but i had to 'be a man' and stand my ground that i wouldn't exceed my spending budget for that day. #EeeesaBigProblem

The following day, i marched into Oxpharm and asked for my primer and she gleefuly handed it over to me. I went home happily and couldn't wait to try it. When i got home, it occured to me to read online reviews of the primer and the reviews i read scared the wits out of oyibo lady called it a disaster! I was shocked.

The next day, i tried it on.....

And i loved eeeeeet! *Mighty Grin*

First, lets talk about the packaging.....It comes in a pink small tube with a black screw-on cover. I like the pointed nozzle which would help control the way the product is squeezed out.

I also like the fact that it's in a gel-like form and it blends easily without leaving any white patches.
But it does have a smell.......smells like a medicated ointment.....not a problem to me at all.

The manufacturers say..........

"This must-have foundation accessory perfects skin as it enhances foundation benefits and extends wear. Glides on like a dream so makeup applies smoothly and blends easily. Its patent-pending, oil-free gel formula is mineral-enriched to absorb oil and diffuse light for skin-perfecting benefits. Dries to a lightweight, matte finish and can be used with any Mary Kay® foundation."

I say.......

It actually does what it said it would do. While i applied the primer, it glided on easily and made my skin have a velvet-like feel. It truly dried to a light-weight finish, and it dries really fast.
When i applied my Marykay foundation on top of it, it looked really flawless and i loved it! 2 hours later, my T-zone was still oil-free, and my makeup was still flawless! I remember clearly that when i used my boots No7 primer, like 30 minutes later, my T-zone was oily.

2 more hours later the marykay primer was still working. Infact, i eventually washed off my makeup by myself, so i didn't get to know exactly how long it would have insured my makeup. Next time, i'll leave it on all day so that i'll see how long it would hold up. Also, next time, i'll pair it with another brand of foundation to see if it would do as well 'cos i heard it might not do so well with another brand on top of it.

I would still buy the Blackup perfect mattifying primer, but for now, this one will do.

Will i buy again? Does fire have smoke? Most definately yes!
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  1. is there also primer for face I thought its only for eye shadow

    1. Yes there are face primers and lip primers even.

  2. Yeaaaa.... That's my favorite primer anyday, anytime!

  3. I luv me some mary kay primer. Its jst awesome.discovered it recently too wen I went to get my powder and I have no regrets whatsover. Wish it came in a bigger tube

  4. Yeah! That small tube is a big problem. Loool!

  5. Can I use an oil matifier alongside this primer?

    1. I tink it depends on how oily your skin is. If it's not so oily, then this primer can control the shine. When I wore it, oil didn't even show up on my T-zone at all.
      But on the other hand, if your skin is really oily, then you should prolly get a mattifier and use it too.

  6. It works well with other products. I used Black Opeal with it and it was perfect. Though I think u brought @ a high cost; maybe cus it a drug store. Next time check @ Funmies or something, not sure of the name but its opposite TFC 22Rd.

    1. #Gasp! Seriously?!

      I'll check the store opposite TFC. It's Frannies cosmetics. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. U see I told u. They r the best for me anytime anyday,try it with different foundation you will achieve the same results. Whoops for #8,500 that's expensive I sell mine for #4,600.

  8. Besides dont worry about the small tube have bn using mine since December and I still av a long way to go..

  9. Naaaah! I bought mine N2,500 oh! I meant that BlackUp is N8,500.

    I sha hope mine will last. It's not just for personal use.

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