Saturday, 22 June 2013

Shocker!!! I MISSED THE FAIR!!!!

And it hurt soooooo bad!


How did that happen?

We underestimated Lagos traffic, and didn't set off early enough. I planned to leave Festac around 12pm, but the issue was that i didn't know my way to the venue, and i planned to go with some friends who knew their way around Ikeja ( in my defence.....Lagos is too big abeg....i can fit to lost).

We totally underestimated the traffic, and ended up spending hours at Mile2 alone. We got to berger, same thing. Sanya express, same still. It was there that i decided to call it a day and head back home. It was a classic example of 'Man proposes but God disposes'. If anyone told me last month that i wouldn't attend the LMUF, i would have asked her to get her head checked properly...but here i am wearing a long face and beating myself up.

Why didn't i just pick a cab? If i did that, there wouldn't be any reason for 'stories that touch'. I feel gravely disappointed......after all my anticipation and was supposed to be my first makeup fair. I missed the last one 'cos it was held on my birthday, and now i have missed this one too.

This must NOT happen next year.....infact, i shall make it a prayer-point.

I planned to buy a lot of products (I even made a list), meet other MUAs, and take lots of pictures to show you people.

Oh use crying over spilt milk, there will be other fairs for sure. I guess i'll just wait eargerly for thatigbochick and Beautyinlagos to post pictures from the fair on their blogs.....i know they won't disappoint.

OMG! Still can't believe i missed the fair!!!


Finally, POP concepts people, abeg, try to fix subsequent LMUFs on sundays una hear? The road is usually so free then, and people would gladly attend.

So who went to the fair? How was it?

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  1. Ahhh! I'm so sorry o :(. Lagos traffic ehh, no be small tufiakwa.

  2. Sorry :( jst one of d rizons I dnt plan on eva residin in Lag.

    1. Hmmnnn, I love living in Lagos ooo! I especially love all the hustle and bustle. It's just that yesterday was one of those days I should have just parked my car at home and hailed a cab.

  3. Dis can neva hapn in abj. Evn if u were comin frm kaduna to d fair in abj you'll still make it. I can't be caught dead living in lagos abeg! D wahala is too mush biko! Nne ndo ooooo! Its well. Nxt year u could evn lodge close to d venue naa!!! Lool...atleast ure sure u aint missn it.

    1. Hahaha! God knows I just have to be there next year. How I wish there would be another fair. Anyway........

  4. Sorry about that ShiShi. Please plan ahead next year and like BossLady suggested, you can lodge close to the venue. This also needs you booking far ahead of time before others take all available hotel spaces.

    1. I might do as you and Boss lady suggested ooo! This can't happen again. Lai-lai!

      Thanks Aunty Eya.

  5. Awwwhhhhhhhhhhhhh This is so sad . we were looking forward to your pictures and comments on the fair . so sorry you missed it as we had earlier posted your post on the fair on the FB page and wanted to see the photos if you had attended . we are seriously considering a 2 day event Saturday and Sunday next year (LMUF3) as a lot of people complained traffic didnt allow them make it. Hopefully by God's grace we will pull that off. Sorry again .


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