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The MUA/Client relationship

Hello dear people, it's been a while!

Over the past few days, i have come to the realization that if there's one thing we human beings take for granted, it's perfect health. Most times, it takes a headache or even sore-throat to remind us that we are blessed to have good health. I was under the weather for a few days sha, but i thank God that I'm fine now. *phew!*.

Then i got well, and it felt like i lost the will to blog *shrugs*. I dunno why, but i would fire up my lappy with the sole intent of blogging, and then i'll stare blankly at my lappy screen. After a long while, i'll shut down my lappy and get busy with something else. I even visited other blogs and left comments there....anyway, i have no idea why that happened. #DeepSigh.
WARNING: This post is kinda long.

Well, today, i have decided to do a follow-up post on the last one which was titled "Why all the fuss about makeup artists?". This new post will let us know what is expected from both business partners (yeah, dats what they are) and what each of them should do to ensure that they  have a wonderful and smooth working relationship.

I say this because there have been instances where the bridesmaids, aunts, cousins and sometimes even the bride put the MUA under fire, criticizing her choice of colors, brush strokes, products etc. You don't know how disheartening that can be. Hey! It can even give the MUA jitters and make her mess up terribly!

There have also been instances where the  MUA lost it and ended up snapping at the bride or got into a war of words with the bridal train #Gasp!

When both partners (Client and MUA) understand each other, know what is expected of them, and play their parts, these unpleasant situations can be well- avoided.

Below, i'll let y'all know what is expected of the partners....


***MUAs, y'all should bear in mind that brides also are emotional people who sometimes break under pressure, so if you are snapped at, please hold your peace and smile if possible. What good will it do if you snap back and a war of words breaks out? Huh? You will only spoil your reputation 'cos that would be so unprofessional.

***Sign an agreement with your client. It could be in the form of a 'booking form' which she can fill, giving you all the info you need for her job. Very important and professional.

***If you can, please try to do a trial makeup session with your client and agree on the look you will do for her on her day. This will help avoid cases where the bride gets biased because of the snide comments of the bridal train or others present. She will already know how the look will turn out, and will not panic or worry at all. (Brides, note that you'll prolly be asked to pay for this service. That is because the MUA will be doing 2 or more looks on you so that you will choose one for your products aren't cheap).

***On the event day, please please please try to be there on time! Don't keep your client upset and waiting, and then you show up 30 minutes to their departure time and start doing a rushed job. If possible, spend the night before the wedding at the bride's place so that you will have absolutely no reason to be late.

***Reduce the chit-chat and get down to business so that you will have full concentration.....well, except for cases in which you have to give a nervous and stressed up bride a pep-talk to calm her down.

***If you have assistants working with you, make sure that they are on their best behaviours.

THE CLIENTS.........

***Darling brides.. Makeup artistes are people with real feelings even though you are paying them to do something for you in return.

***When you contact your MUA of choice, please book her down with the required deposit so that she would in turn save the date. It's so unfair when you book a makeup artist without any deposit and she saves the date for you, turning down subsequent clients who try to book that same date, then at the last minute, you cancel on her making her lose all-round (You too sheck it na.....eeees nor good). That's why it's important to book down with a deposit.

***Dedicate 1 uninterrupted hour to your MUA for your makeover, and please be time-conscious. Don't keep interrupting her work with phone-calls and exits from the room, and then when it's almost time to leave for church, you start rushing her......not good.
I've worked on a bride who took her sweet time while i was busy panicking and pacing. She would leave the room, and the hairstylist and i would wait for long minutes.....chai! I was so worked up. It all worked out in the end, but she would have made our jobs easier if she sat calmly for us to work our magic on her...*shrugs*

***Have a seperate room where your MUA will work on you alone, away from bridesmaids, and family fussing. Of course the video and photgrapher would be there too! This simple move will prevent a couple of things....there will be no bridesmaids or family members to confuse the MUA and make the bride panic. There will also be no exchange of words between anyone because it's a serene room with just you and your artist....prolly with calm music playing in the background.

***Please adhere to the agreement you had with your MUA. If the agreement said you should pay the balance of the fee before she starts working on you, then please, by all means do so. There have been cases where the MUA had to wait behind for a looong while before the balance was paid. In some cases, it wasn't even paid that day, and in extreme cases, it wasn't even paid at all......not fair!

***Finally, if you want your MUA to work on any other persons (mum, sister, aunt, inlaws etc), please discuss this with her during the booking so that you will conclude on the charges. This is because some brides just pay for their makeovers, and then 'ask' the MUA to also do their mum , aunt or in-law's make-up free of charge.

Alright folks, this may not be all, but it's most of the conflict areas i can think of right now.. If the clients and MUAs play their parts well, then they would have the smoothest working-relationship ever!


*By the way, it feels mighty good to be back! *wide grin*

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