Saturday, 15 June 2013

Tips | Lipstick textures

Good morning bee-you-tiful people,

I want to share with you some tips on how to apply your lipstick and get different textures/ finishes. I'll show you how to get a creamy, matte, sheer and glossy finish with the same lipstick. You can use any lipstick you choose though.

Personally, on some days, i'll just feel like wearing something really sheer on my lips. Other times, i will want it creamy. The next day, i might feel like rocking matte lips, and then the next time it will be gloss all the way!

Here are the ways i achieve those textures......

***For a creamy finish, i apply lip balm on my lips before applying lipstick all over it.

***For a matte finish, i apply my lipstick without a lipbalm, and then i blot it gently with a tissue (by the way, 'matte' means without gloss or shine). I apply another coat, and then i blot again.

***For a sheer finish, i apply lipbalm all over my lips, then i dot a small amount of lipstick across my lips and then smooth it out. Gives my lip color a sheer a tinted lip balm.

***Finally, for a glossy finish, i apply my lipstick normally, then i top it off with a clear lip gloss (not lip balm oooo!) for the glossy effect......Remember that too much gloss will make your lips look fuller, so apply with morderation.

NOTE: Lipgloss is clearly different from lip balm. Lip balms are like ointments and have a 'vaseline-like' texture. On the other hand, lip glosses are in a thick liquid form and have an oily, glossy texture.

Thats it!.......You're welcome.

By the way, the LMUF is a week away! *Does a little dance* Whooooops! I just can't wait!


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  1. I like my lip stick to be glossy. My lips are really small, and I wish they are fuller. I guess this means that I can get away with lots of gloss on my lips since it will make them look fuller. Thanks for the tips, I love what you are doing, and your blog is wonderful.

    1. Hmnnn, I wish I had smaller lips. You should still apply the lipgloss with moderation ok?

      Thanks a lot for the compliments *hugs*

  2. Every Man/Woman, Different desires. Lovely blog.

  3. Nice tip! I ll adopt ds methods.


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