Sunday, 28 July 2013

Kiddies makeover

Yesterday was Dindu's graduation, and i bless God 'cos it went so well. He bagged the award of 'The most improved student' in his class. Earlier in the session, he wasn't doing so well 'cos he was always distracted due to his playful nature, and then i got him a home tutor who also happened to be his teacher in class., and then he drastically improved! As in, he shocks me everyday with his new abilities. We will persist with all the tutoring, and i'm certain that he'll 'wow' the school next session.

All the perfomances yesterday were great...the reading sprees, ballet recital, taekwando display, hip-hop and salsa dances, playlet, and presentation of awards. The kids did so well!

So here are some of the pictures i could get...... Just a 'lil powder, eyeshadow, blush and lipgloss to make them look dainty and pretty....

Saturday, 27 July 2013

B 'n D makeover | Plum fantasy

Hullo beautiful people,

How are you all doing this bright and clear morning? I'm super excited 'cos my son's graduation event is today. Also, Blushes 'n Dimples makeovers will be giving the graduating kids makeovers before the event, so it's going to be a really busy day today.

But before i go and get busy, i just thought to pop in 'ere and say a quick hello.....and also to feed your eyes with some pictures of my last makeover.....

Ladies.... *Drum rolls*'s the 'Plum fantasy'!....... *Curtains open*...

Friday, 26 July 2013

Mishmish is 2!

So my Mishmish celebrated her birthday with her classmates and friends in school last friday. We got her a cake and packed some party packs for her to share with her friends. Before we left for school in the morning, we took some pictures at home and she posed like the 'lil princess she is. It's a good thing we took those pictures at home because when we wanted to take the school pictures, she turned on the water works #HeavySigh. She also refused to smile in any of the school pictures.

Here are some of the pictures we took at home...

Yeah, i'm 2!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Wow! it's been a looooooooooooooooooooong while, and oh my....It feels sooo good to be back!

My visafon modem was messing up (That's my story, and i'm sticking to it *Cheeky grin*). Blogger sef was messing up....or was it just my own blogger? Anyways....i'm glad to be back and see it working normally again.

A lot has happened since the last time i was here, and i noticed that my pageviews also increased. Gracias to you all for being here even when i wasn't......abrazos y besos!

Two of my students graduated today....thank God for His mercies....unfortunately, there are no pictures to show you 'cos my camera was out of order...or rather, i haven't been charging the battery. What can i say? I've been naughty *covers face*. By the way, while i was away, i discovered a wonderful new blog Sisi Yemmie's blog This blog is my 'laughter merisin' as in she has a way with words that makes me laugh for days!

Also, my baby girl Mishmish celebrated her 2nd birthday a week ago (pictures in the next post). Dindu is graduating tomorrow....yeah, he's going on to nursery 1.....chai! my boy has a loooooong way to go.

Anywayz, how have you all been?


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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Some beautiful worship songs

Just thought to share these videos with you. They are so spirit-filled......

Listen and be blessed.

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PICTORIAL | Contouring and highlighting

Good Afternoon lovelies.....

I had some extra time this morning, so i decided to do the highlighting and contouring tutorial i promised to do sometime ago. In this tutorial, i used foundations to do the highlighting and contouring. But before we start this class, i'll like to explain what highlighting and contouring means.

When we say 'Highlighting', it means enhancing some certain areas on the face and bringing them forward or bringing them out. When you look at your face under a light, those areas where the light hits are the areas you should highlight......areas such as your forehead, underneath your eyes, the bridge of your nose, your cupid's bow.

Photo Credit : Web

On the other hand, 'Contouring' means making some areas recede and add depth and definition to the face. It gives your face the illusion of having a different shape. You can make a big nose look smaller by contouring. Also, when you look at your face under a light, the dark shadowy areas are the parts you will want to contour....such as the sides of your nose, the temples of your forehead, the hollows of your cheeks and your jaw lines.

Friday, 12 July 2013

My favourite 'Sleek' eyeshadow palette

I love most of the sleek eyeshadow palettes. If you want a low-end eyeshadow palette with good quality, then "Sleek" is it.......well for me sha.

Those who are familiar with this brand prolly knows that they have several eyeshadow palettes with different names. Personally, i have the "Snapshots", "Oh so special", "Storm", "Bad girl", "Paraguaya" and "Sunset" palettes. But my most favorite of these palettes is


The "Bad girl" palette *flips hair and dims eyes*.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

B 'n D Makeover

Good afternoon.....

Sending a few pics your way...


Sunday, 7 July 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW | Zaron's 'Arabian knight' Kajal and 'Black velvet' eyeliner

Evening lovelies....been a while.

I must admit i haven't been blogging much. I kinda lost the will to blog (Just a 'lil bit), but i think i'm getting better. This life ehn......anyway, His mercies are new every morning.

This is a review post, a review on two of Zaron's products. These products are the 'Arabian knight' Kajal and the 'Black Velvet' eyeliner.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Adieu Adenike Ewar

The beauty industry lost a very rare gem yesterday

Oh death, where is thy sting?

Oh grave, where is thy victory?

It was indeed a sad day yesterday when the beauty industry was shaken by the news of the CEO of EWAR Makeover's demise.

In the Nigerian beauty industry, i have two mentors....This beautiful lady was one of them.... and i really looked up to her.

Her works were beautiful, and she touched a lot of lives

Though i never met her, i really hoped to.

It's such a time like this that all i want to do is bombard God with questions.... Why?! Why?! Why?!
But God is still God.

Her last tweet read:

"Am God, n my thoughts n my ways are incredibly bigger n more complicated than yours. When you dont understand, just trust that i am good"

Lord, i truly don't understand....but you are a good God, and i still trust you.

Sleep on beautiful Ewar

May your soul rest in perfect, perfect peace.

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Nony's Makeover

Good afternoon folks.....been a while.

So here's what i did last weekend .....