Friday, 26 July 2013

Mishmish is 2!

So my Mishmish celebrated her birthday with her classmates and friends in school last friday. We got her a cake and packed some party packs for her to share with her friends. Before we left for school in the morning, we took some pictures at home and she posed like the 'lil princess she is. It's a good thing we took those pictures at home because when we wanted to take the school pictures, she turned on the water works #HeavySigh. She also refused to smile in any of the school pictures.

Here are some of the pictures we took at home...

Yeah, i'm 2!

Cake by HenrieMac ..... 28580ED9
I remember my birthday celebrations during my primary school days 'The fountain school' at Surulere. Birthdays in school were pretty special because on those days, we usually felt like superstars 'cos we got to wear pretty party clothes and everyone wanted to play with us, follow us everywhere and do whatever we said *Huge grin*. It was funny because the very next day, no one except your usual close friends would notice your existence in school anymore.

Fun days!

I pray for my daughter Michelle that the God who brought her into this world would continue to order her steps unto greatness all the days of her life. He'll continue to bless, guide, protect and favour her. No weapon ever fashioned against her will harm her, and she WILL fulfil God's purpose for her life (I'll have to stop here 'cos if you let me, i'll type a million words of prayers for her).

Can't believe my baby is already 2!!!

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  1. HBD Mimimish Angel,may God lead and direct ur steps as u move 2wards greater heights in Life. Mizd u Chinazor, pls dnt tk dis long. Nxt tym ok. Welcm bck

    1. Awwwwww! I'll try not to.

      Amen to your prayers.

  2. Cutie! You are born to excel and prosper and so shall you be IJN!

  3. Lil Angel, I pray dt d gud lord will distinguish u among ur peers by crownin all ur efforts wt success. Wish u many more yrs ahead!

  4. You are so cute baby, your cake is lovely too.
    Belated Birthday wishes to you!!!

  5. Happy belated born day to my kilikili star...Thanks for choosing us for ur cake#big hug#

  6. Happy belated birthday cutiepie. May God bless you always.

  7. Happy belated birthday to you cutie! May you be a beacon to your generation in Jesus name!

  8. Amen....thanks everyone...God's blessings.

  9. jeeeeeeeezzzzz!!!!!!my bad!my niece is 2 already???happy birthday muna!may God continue to put smiles on our faces tru u,he will continually order ur steps,the grace of our Lord Jesus will abide wit u and u will grow into the young beautiful lady God has ordained u to be.aunty nnenne loves u!!!!muah!!!!

  10. Mish says "thank you Aunty Nnenne"


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