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PICTORIAL | Contouring and highlighting

Good Afternoon lovelies.....

I had some extra time this morning, so i decided to do the highlighting and contouring tutorial i promised to do sometime ago. In this tutorial, i used foundations to do the highlighting and contouring. But before we start this class, i'll like to explain what highlighting and contouring means.

When we say 'Highlighting', it means enhancing some certain areas on the face and bringing them forward or bringing them out. When you look at your face under a light, those areas where the light hits are the areas you should highlight......areas such as your forehead, underneath your eyes, the bridge of your nose, your cupid's bow.

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On the other hand, 'Contouring' means making some areas recede and add depth and definition to the face. It gives your face the illusion of having a different shape. You can make a big nose look smaller by contouring. Also, when you look at your face under a light, the dark shadowy areas are the parts you will want to contour....such as the sides of your nose, the temples of your forehead, the hollows of your cheeks and your jaw lines.

Now, i must warn you about two things before we start.....

1). There are a lot of pictures.....15 of 'em precisely.

2). This is a pictorial. It's ideal to do a contouring and highlighting tutorial in a video form....especially when using liquid products. This is because they dry out if you don't take the pictures quick enough (happened in this case). by the time you apply the product, pick up the camera to take a shot, put down the camera to continue, the product will dry out a bit, and when that happens, blending it out will be difficult (also happened in this case #HeavySigh). Video would have been better, but im not comfortable doing that yet......we'll see sha.  

Ok, so i started by wiping my face clean with a baby wipe.

My bare face
Next, i dotted a mixture of MaryKay bronze 607 and 507 all over my face as a base before doing all the contouring and highlighting ish. 

Then, i blended it all out using my Sigma foundation brush.

Foundation is all blended out here.

Next, i squeezed out some MaryKay bronze 708 foundation (2 shades darker than i am), and some bronze 507 foundation (2 shades lighter than i am).

 These are the brushes i used to apply and blend out the products i used for the countouring and highlighting. My crease brush and my concealer brush......both by Sigma. I could have used my beauty blender if i wanted to, but i just used these brushes instead.

Using my concealer brush, i contoured the sides of my nose by applying 708 down the two sides.

Then, using my crease brush, i blended it all out. Unfortunately, it dried out a bit, making blending kinda difficult....but still werked! Now, my nose is looking more pointed and defined than it really is.

Next was the sides of my forehead. If you peer closely as usual, you will be able to see the foundation on both sides.

Then, i blended out the foundation on the sides of the forehead.

Next was the hollows of my cheeks. I had to make a 'Fish-face' to get the exact area i needed to apply the dark 708 foundation.

There it is all blended out.

Highlighting time!!! *Rings bell*

So i applied my bronze 507 foundation on the areas i needed to highlight which are the bridge of my nose, underneath my eyes, and my forehead.

All blended out. I didn't do my 'cupid's bow' anyway. I like to keep my highlighting and contouring to a minimum. I don't like to over-do it at all....afterall, we wouldn't want to come out looking like a sculpture or an 'arusi apiri-api' would we?


Finally, i set all the highlighting and contouring with my 'sleek' pressed powder and my 'Black opal invisible oil-blocking powder'. I used the Black opal to set the highlighted areas, and then the 'Sleek' pressed powder to set the contoured areas. Most people like to use the 'Ben nye banana powder' to set their highlighted areas, but i don't have it, so i made do with what i had.

There you go! My finished highlighted and contoured face. Note that people have different ways of doing theirs.....this na my own way. As subtle as possible....not looking hard and stony.

So did you learn anything?

A beautiful reader tried out the 'Orange smoke' look using the step-by-step pictorial and sent me a pix. I was amazed! She did so well. I'll share the pix in my next post. I don't know what's wrong with 'blogger', i'm experiencing some difficulty typing this post, and it's taking so much time.

By the way, from the poll in the last post, i could see that a lot of people love smokey looks. That's wonderful.

So, Young Grumbler (She's the one who asked for a contouring and highlighting post), did i help.....even a 'lil bit? I hope i did.

Time to go dears......


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  1. Good Job! Welldone

  2. U're a good teacher *thumbs up*

  3. Will try it Out! But can you help me with the list of marykay shades so I can pick out 2 lighter and darker shades. Thanks

    1. 500, 504, 507, 600, 607, 708, 808. Those are 'bronze' shades.

  4. I'm sure this will really help. I'm particularly interested in the nose contouring because my nose is like something else. Thanks for willingly sharing your knowledge. I can't wait to try it out.

  5. Yay! It helped a lot, I love that it was simple and blended nicely and not too "sharp" on your face...thanks!

  6. PS: Like Anon up there said, you are a good teacher o!

  7. This is as clear,straight forward n understandable as any video tutorial can be n I can't say I'm surprised cos ur pictorials are always like dat

  8. I have always wanted to learn this. And u did a good job. Thanks a mill.

  9. Nice 1! I wsh u r nt far away.* bb sad face*

  10. Oh mai goist! Sisiyemmie is 'ere!!! *Dancing holy azonto*

  11. Chi, I have been reading ur posts since o...I never finish...but lemme comment on this one first. Job well done. You are very skilled and you have a perfect makeup face esp ur eyes. I think we have the same complexion so I'll use and do exactly as U did. Thanks a bunch!!!

  12. Ahdaisy is also 'ere! Thanks for the compliments darl!

  13. I just wanted to let you know that your skin is sooo beautiful without the makeup :)

  14. Hi Nwannem, lovely write up but my question is do I always how to mix 2 colors? I'm like 2 shades lighter than you so what do use? I presently use only 507. Thanks..


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