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PRODUCT REVIEW | Zaron's 'Arabian knight' Kajal and 'Black velvet' eyeliner

Evening lovelies....been a while.

I must admit i haven't been blogging much. I kinda lost the will to blog (Just a 'lil bit), but i think i'm getting better. This life ehn......anyway, His mercies are new every morning.

This is a review post, a review on two of Zaron's products. These products are the 'Arabian knight' Kajal and the 'Black Velvet' eyeliner.

Both products are for the eyes, but you know how it is with can improvise when necessary. The first one i bought was the 'Black velvet' eyeliner pencil. This is my second pencil actually, and it definately wouldn't be the last......need i say why?

Ok, i will say why.

Like all other Zaron pencils, this 'Black velvet' eyeliner pencil is the truth! I must admit i choose it over my Jordana eyeliner pencil in 'Black'.....i hardly even use that one anymore these days *Rolls eyes*.

The pencil is black and sturdy. Very creamy, and glides easily in the waterline. It has an intense color pay-off and i don't have to rub it a lot for it to show. It always shows well in one swipe, and then if i want, i build it up to make it darker. Some people really can't keep their eyes open for a long time because they immediately start tearing up and 'crying'...that's why i love this pencil because i don't have to make them leave their eyes open for a long time. Once i swipe, it shows.....and did i mention that it's long-lasting and doesn't smear all over after i apply it? It just stays in place till i wipe off my makeup.

Now, the second one i bought was the 'Arabian knight' kajal. Ok, i must say i only bought this one for the sake of it. I saw it in a colleague's box and felt i should own one too.....imagine that! Anyway, i went ahead and bought it, and then i used it, and then i saw that there was no need for me to have bought it 'cos i still prefer my 'Black velvet' and i really don't use the 'Arabian knight' (Hope that made sense...even a 'lil bit).

Well, i'm not saying that the 'Arabian knight' isn't good oooo! I'm simply saying that i prefer my 'Black velvet' over it.

The packaging is nice, it's in a tube form, and the kajal which is in a pointed shape is rolled out for use. The kajal isn't as intense as the eyeliner, so i have to swipe back and forth like three or four times for it to show properly.

Need i say whose hand that is?

I even went ahead and did a side-by-side swatch of the two products. You have to peer closely to see the difference between them......

'B' is for 'Black velvet', 'A' is for 'Arabian knight

Do you see that the 'Arabian knight' is lighter than the 'Black velvet'? That's right. The difference is not so obvious in that last picture, but if you scroll up and compare the two individual swatches, you will see it better.

I've been putting off this review for sometime now, and i'm glad i've finally done it. Now you know what the two products have to offer..... I got the 'Black velvet' for N800, and the 'Arabian knight' for N1,100. You can get them from any Zaron distributor or from any good cosmetics store you know.

So which will you go for?

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