Friday, 30 August 2013

Nonye and Ada Graduates!

Good morning beauties...

Hope you are having a swell day. Yesterday, 2 of my students (Nonye and Ada) graduated from B'n D makeup school. They did the silver and gold packages respectively.

Here are pictures....

Nonye's smokey look on her model

Nonye's gele on her model's head

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Vivian graduates!

Today, one of my students graduated. Yipppie yaaaaaaaayaaaaaaaay!

Vivian came all the way from the east for her makeup training at B'nD, and now that she's finished, she'll be heading back to her base. That we'll miss her is an understatement. Infact, all my students ehn! *smh* There's never a dull moment with them.

Viv at work

Random tips

Hello dolls.....

Bringing some random tips your way....

When applying makeup products...any makeup product at all, build it up gradually. Don't just pack the product on, and then when you discover it's too much, you try to reduce it by cleaning some off. Remember that it's harder to clean off makeup than it is to apply.....what's more, your work will no longer look flawless. it up.

Friday, 23 August 2013

B 'n D makeover | Blue bride

Finally, the much-awaited makeover post! *heavy sigh of relief*

I hurriedly did this look this morning while a training session was going on. While my students worked on their faces, i worked on mine. I had to do it because i knew that if i didn't do it at that time, i would never have the time to do it anymore till next week.

So this is what i did.........

Thursday, 22 August 2013

The nest is empty!

Oh my goist!

Imagine my shock when i drew back the curtains this morning and found this....

An empty nest! I know...just ignore the bird poo

Training pictures

Morning Lovelies, how's your week going?

I remember i promised to do a makeover post to make up for the last one, but somehow, shance haff not dey.

Training, school runs, house chores, various errands, etc.

I'll try to do one soon.... In the meantime, here are more training pictures.

Ada, one of my students (I kid!)

Monday, 19 August 2013

Happy birthday Dindu!

On this day 4 years ago, I was ecstatically cuddling my swaddled new born baby boy. He was my very first baby, and I was sooooo excited! The 9 months journey was a very long one, and I was so impatient! I couldn't wait for it to end so that I could meet my son (I already knew I was having a boy.....I always check to know their sex at exactly 20 weeks of my pregnancies).
Initially, I longed for a baby girl, but when I scanned and was told that I was having a boy, I swallowed my disappointment and relished the fact that I was having a baby. 

Cake by HenrieMac cakes 266AF575

 Before I got married, one of my greatest fears was the fear of labour. I had heard and read different terrifying stories. I had even watched scary videos that shocked me out of my wits, and I made up my mind that whenever I decided to have a baby, epidural was the way to go! So when I eventually got married and preggers, I had to come to terms with the fact that I might not have epidural available to take when in labour. So I decided to make it a prayer-point that my child-birth would be pain free. "Ask and ye shall receive" eh?

When i was 37 weeks gone, i heard of this book called "Supernatural childbirth" written by Jackie Mize, so I marched waddled into 'Laterna' bookstore at V.I and bought a copy. Thankfully, it was an interesting read and I read it with absolute faith. I prayed, declared and confessed everything in the book up till my 39th week when I went into labour..... I was totally expecting a pain-free labour. I made some prayer points such as:

1). Since I wanted a painless labour, i wanted my water to break as a sign that it was time to go to the hospital. And I didn't want it to burst with a whoosh. I wanted it to trickle out like weewee 'cos I didn't want to stain my white mattress.

2). I wanted a maximum of 4 hrs of labour as opposed to the 10- 16 hrs everyone were singing about (first time mums are supposed to have long labours).

3). I wanted to be dilated up to 6 cm by the time I got to the hospital.

4). I wanted my water to break in the very early hours of the morning so that the road would be free 'cos I was going all the way to Ikoyi from Festac.

5). I wanted to just push twice and my baby would be out. (I had heard stories of women who pushed for 30 mins -1 hr).

So on the much-awaited day,  my water trickled out like weewee by 2:30am (prayer points 1 &4), so we got to the hospital in record time. When I was checked, I was already 6 cm dilated (prayer point 3), and I wasn't feeling any pain oooooo! Just a little discomfort in my lower back.
When they took me upstairs to the delivery room, the main labour started, but it was just a mild discomfort to me. I remember thinking through the contractions.....

"Is this it? Is this the "painful labour"? Hian!

Before I knew it, I felt this uncontrollable strong urge to push. It felt like I wanted to poo big time! When I told them, they said it was my baby coming. I pushed 2 times ( prayer point 5) and at exactly 6:30am, Dindu emerged squalling loudly. My labour was exactly 4 hours ( prayer point 2)......... Isn't God awesome?! I eventually didn't need the epidural afterall.

Today, my Dindu is 4 years old, and i'm wondering where all the time went. Chai! These shiderns can grow fast ehn! Before we all know it now, his voice will change, he'll start growing beards and chasing girls. Next thing, he'll bring one girl home and say he wants to marry her! Choi! Now I understand why some mothers-in-law are so mean and over-protective of their sons. God will help me in Jesus name! Infact, He'll help us all.

Of course, Mish Mish had to show hersef!

God bless you Dindu! May He preserve and keep you. He will protect you from evil eyes and no weapon ever fashioned against you shall prosper. Greatness is you, and you will always be years ahead of your generation. May your star continue to shine. Again, God bless you!

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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Chime graduates!

Good evening!

I had a long, tiring day. This post was supposed to come yesterday not today, but i got really busy (eating suya), so i decided to put it off till today. Then today came and hubby and i went off to shoprite ikeja to buy some stuff for the house. We came back this evening, and all i feel like doing is to crawl under my duvet and sleep for one week!

Can i?



Yesterday, Chime graduated from 'Blushes 'n Dimples' makeup school. Here are pictures.....

The final look she did on herself

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Bad makeup day

I tried to do a makeup 'look' for one of my B 'n D makeover blog updates, but it didn't go very well....*sad face* The look didn't quite turn out the way i pictured it in my mind.....dunno why. Maybe it's because i was cooking at the same time too, and i was in a rush because it was getting dark. All i know is that i wasn't happy with the look, but i'll share the pics anyway.

What kind of pelzin would i be if i didn't have any pics to show you?

Here they are......please try not to hiss.

I won't even bother listing the products i used to achieve the look.

Good night and God bless,

*Off to visit other blogs*

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013


A few days ago, i bought a little bottle of "bio-oil". Prior to that day, i had heard a lot of raves about the oil, how it was a miracle in a bottle, how it minimized or even cleared out stretch marks and enhanced smooth skin, and so on. Some ladies said they used theirs while pregnant and it worked for them and prevented the dreaded stretch marks from showing.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Training pictures

As usual, the past weeks have been really busy. New students registered for training, one graduated last week, another will graduate this week. Two will graduate 3 weeks from now, and another will begin training on wednesday, others have been contacting me to reserve their you get the picture?

Personal makeup student

How they've grown!

Howdy folks

You wouldn't believe how much Tweety and Tinko have grown over the past few days! The growth spurt is surprising. Just the other day, they were hatched and had little or no feathers at, their eyes have opened, they almost have complete feathers, and finally, their mummy never sits on them anymore.....she only comes, feeds them and goes back to watch them from our neighbor's roof. You see?.... They are no longer small shidrens. Watching her feed them is kinda sickening to me 'cos she forces their beaks open with hers and pushes the food into their mouths. #NyamanyamaSuntin!

Tweety and Tinko when they were newly hatched

Tweety and Tinko 2 days ago

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Ijeoma got re-defined!

Good evening beauties,

Sorry i haven't been here in a while, i've been quite busy....but that's a good thing right? Anyways, here's a makeover i did on my cousin Ijeoma. I haven't seen her in a loooooooong while, so when she came visiting 2 days ago, i decided to redefine her.

Here are some pictures....enjoy

Monday, 5 August 2013

Random tips || Little Tinko is 'ere!

Howdy ladies, its been a while since i shared random tips here, so i thought to do so today.

These tips would be as random as they come

I might have shared some of them here in the past....not sure....but who's checking? goes......

1). When drawing your brows, avoid filling them in from the very don't wanna have 'scouse brows', and when i say 'scouse brows', this is what i mean.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

B 'n D makeover | Bright sunday!

Three posts in one day! I'm on a roll!

I couldn't resist adding a makeover post to the mix. I'll admit i didn't go to church today...this is what i was busy doing. Aunty Flo is visiting, and since i know how 'she' is, i just didn't wanna risk 'her' embarassing me in the public of 'igwe mmadu' (in public), so i jejely decided to respect myself and stay at home.

So while spending my morning at home, i thought "What better way of spending my time is there other than doing a new look on my face and giving my blog readers a treat"? *for the record, i had to read that last sentence up to 3 times, and i still don't know if it's it?*

So here is the look i came up with....

View 'products used' after the cut

B 'n D training sessions in pictures

I'm happy to announce that 'Blushes 'n Dimples' makeup school is really growing and doing so well. I only have God to thank. Our students and ex-students are doing so well. Some have graduated, some will graduate soon, and others are yet to start. The rate at which the school is growing is really in, it shocks even me!

I'm even considering focusing only on the makeup school, but that would mean doing little or no bridal jobs at all. I love to teach, and the fact that i'm teaching about something i love is even the icing and cherry atop the cake.

Meet Mama Bird's family

A week ago, i found a bird's nest on hubby's bathroom window sill. I slid open the window to remove it and throw it away (just imagine....a nest that a little bird prolly spent hours building, it's very own home, i wanted to throw away in just 2 seconds! 'winshy' of me!), just as i reached out to grab it, i glimpsed something white in the nest, and lo! it was an egg.


I withdrew my hand immediately and slid the window shut. Don't worry, i'm not that heartless...there was no way on earth i could destroy that bird's home and its egg. I decided to let her be for a while and perhaps watch her egg hatch and her baby bird grow. It was an exciting thought.

So, the next day, i went into hubby's bathroom to shower (yes, i like his own more than my own), i peeped into the nest and was greeted by the sight of another little white egg. Yippe! Meanwhile, each time i enter the bathroom, Mama bird flies away.....little does she know that contrary to what they say, i'm even more afraid of her than she is of me.....that's why i attempted to throw her nest away when i first saw it......shebi they said that the best form of defense is attack? *shrugs* Meanwhile, she was not home when i tried to destroy her house. If she was there, and as much as flapped a wing in my direction, i would have run out of the bathroom screaming and slammed the door.

Mama Bird waiting patiently on my neighbour's roof

Saturday, 3 August 2013

B 'n D makeover | Brownie

Yeah, i love smokey looks....sue me! *tongue out*

I know some of you might be wondering what it is with me and smokey looks. If it's not blue smoke, it's orange smoke. If it's not orange smoke, it's green smoke. I intentionally christened this look 'Brownie' even though 'Brown smoke' first came to my mind *dodges shoe*.

For this look, i used a matte dark brown from my Sleek 'Paraguaya' palette and it smoked out beautifully and easily. The brown smoke was inspired by my top....i just lurve neutral, warm colors.

So feed ya eyes........

Friday, 2 August 2013

Learn something new this summer!

Good morning beauties.

Blogger has started acting up again this fine morning.......but that won't stop me....naaah it won't!

Anyway, this post is for those who stay in Festac-town and its environs (Satellite-town, Ago/okota, Amuwo-odofin, etc). There's a 6-days training/workshop organized by 'Anaflox investments ltd' where you can learn about makeup, skin care, gele-tying, how to make pasteries, isi-ewu, nkwobi, liquid soap, air- fresheners, cocktails, stickmeat, fish/prawns-in-batter, samosa, chicken and gizzard kebabs, etc.

The training/workshop is for ages 14-60years, and there will be professional trainers present, and the makeup/skincare/gele session will be conducted by yours truly *bats eyelashes*

DATES :  12th - 17th August 2013
TIME : 8am - 3pm
VENUE : Angel's field, 711 road, Festac-town, Lagos
COURSE FEE : N20,000 (only)