Sunday, 4 August 2013

B 'n D makeover | Bright sunday!

Three posts in one day! I'm on a roll!

I couldn't resist adding a makeover post to the mix. I'll admit i didn't go to church today...this is what i was busy doing. Aunty Flo is visiting, and since i know how 'she' is, i just didn't wanna risk 'her' embarassing me in the public of 'igwe mmadu' (in public), so i jejely decided to respect myself and stay at home.

So while spending my morning at home, i thought "What better way of spending my time is there other than doing a new look on my face and giving my blog readers a treat"? *for the record, i had to read that last sentence up to 3 times, and i still don't know if it's it?*

So here is the look i came up with....

View 'products used' after the cut



*Marykay bronze 507 & 607 foundations all over my face
*Marykay bronze 708 foundation for contouring my nose
*Marykay bronze 507 foundation for highlighting underneath my eyes
*Marykay bronze 2 concealer for highlighting my eyebrows
*Sleek pressed powder in 'Tropical bronze' to set my foundation
*Black radiance blush in 'Soft honey' for the apples of my cheeks


* MAC brown brow pencil......the fake one by the way.
*Tara's eye primer
*NYX jumbo pencil in 'milk' as my eyeshadow base
*Yellow, blue, red, green and black eyeshadows from my BH cosmetics 120 colors 4th edition palette
*A light shimmery shade from my Estee Lauder quad palette for highlighting my browbone
*Zaron's 'Black velvet' eyeliner in my waterlines
*M.A.C fluid line gel liner in 'Blacktrack' to line my upper lash lines


* I totally forgot to line my lips! *covers face*
*One of my Marykay shimmery lip glosses. The name wasn't written anywhere on it.

What say you? You like?


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  1. I love ur eyes....they're so bright,and d makeup is beatiful esp those shiny shiny things in ur eyes,nice makeup. If only I could draw my eye brow :(

  2. Yes i like. Beautiful job! Thumbs up.

  3. Wow, if I didnt see the pictures and just heard all the colours you used on your eyes, I would have felt it would be a riot...but heck! The look translated beautifully on your eyes abeg, kudos! Makeup magician extraordinaire! *adds more coins to wedding makeup fund*

    1. Chai! You need to see the size of my head right now. Thanks darl.

  4. Do your lashes come in a pack? The one you stick on by yourself? I hav those lashes but d glue that comes with it doesn't stick. I love your lashes. Wr do you get them?
    Once my wedding date is fixed, you are doing my makeup. Good you are in Festac.

    1. Yes they come in a back with their very useless glue *rolls eyes* I usually throw the glue away once I get it and I use my ardell 'lashgrip' glue. It's awesome! Duo glue is also great. Well, I got all the lashes I have right now from the US, but once I use them all up, i'll start buying from Casabella or gifty's daughter store or anywhere else they sell good lashes.

      About your wedding makeup, that would be fantastic!

  5. Scary looking


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