Thursday, 15 August 2013

Bad makeup day

I tried to do a makeup 'look' for one of my B 'n D makeover blog updates, but it didn't go very well....*sad face* The look didn't quite turn out the way i pictured it in my mind.....dunno why. Maybe it's because i was cooking at the same time too, and i was in a rush because it was getting dark. All i know is that i wasn't happy with the look, but i'll share the pics anyway.

What kind of pelzin would i be if i didn't have any pics to show you?

Here they are......please try not to hiss.

I won't even bother listing the products i used to achieve the look.

Good night and God bless,

*Off to visit other blogs*

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  1. Lol. Shi u are so funny.

  2. And it actually turned out beautiful o!seriously it did

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  4. All I want is ur eyes, ur eyesss! Muaa:

  5. If that was 'bad makeup#, i wonder what good makeup is. You look stunning & your eyes are amazing!!


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