Saturday, 17 August 2013

Chime graduates!

Good evening!

I had a long, tiring day. This post was supposed to come yesterday not today, but i got really busy (eating suya), so i decided to put it off till today. Then today came and hubby and i went off to shoprite ikeja to buy some stuff for the house. We came back this evening, and all i feel like doing is to crawl under my duvet and sleep for one week!

Can i?



Yesterday, Chime graduated from 'Blushes 'n Dimples' makeup school. Here are pictures.....

The final look she did on herself

Working on her model during one of her classes

Showing off her certificate

Congrats Chime......remember.....Practice! Practice!! And more practice!!! That will make you perfect.

Today, Mama bird came to feed Tweety and Tinko, and to say i was utterly disgusted is an understatement! I was totally confounded and flabbergasted in a majorly bemused, shocked and irritated manner (good luck trying to make sense out of that!). If you have ever seen a bird feeding her young, then you will understand.

Can you believe the size of 'em?! Shocks me everytime!

They were giving me 'side eye'

Tomorrow, i shall think of a look to do to make up for that last 'nonsenseical' look i did ok? Right now, my bed calleth, and this is a call i can't ignore.


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  1. Dimples pls stop all dis tinko story it I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ irritating. Wish chime sucess in her endeavours.

    1. Speak for yourself anon. Congrats Chime and goodluck in your makeup career.

  2. As for me I love the Tinko story! All work no play make jack a dull girl!

  3. Yes! speak4 urself ist anon!I really enjoy,Tinko n her sis stories!congrats Chime n Well done Nazor!

  4. Me too I like d tinko story ooo!1st anon pocket it!***clucking my tongue***congrats chime!


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