Monday, 12 August 2013

How they've grown!

Howdy folks

You wouldn't believe how much Tweety and Tinko have grown over the past few days! The growth spurt is surprising. Just the other day, they were hatched and had little or no feathers at, their eyes have opened, they almost have complete feathers, and finally, their mummy never sits on them anymore.....she only comes, feeds them and goes back to watch them from our neighbor's roof. You see?.... They are no longer small shidrens. Watching her feed them is kinda sickening to me 'cos she forces their beaks open with hers and pushes the food into their mouths. #NyamanyamaSuntin!

Tweety and Tinko when they were newly hatched

Tweety and Tinko 2 days ago

I think she never sits on them these days because they now have feathers and don't need her to keep them warm anymore. At first, I thought she stopped coming to sit on them because I pulled down the curtains and the window looked different to her....I just realized today that it's prolly because they have grown soooo big, so it will be impossible for her to sit on them anymore. I think she'll continue bringing them food till they get strong enough to fly away. Well, I can't wait for that day to come 'cos my window is now a sight for sore eyes.....bird poopoo everywhere. Besides, Tweety and Tinko are beginning to creep me out....they are always looking at me (with 'winshy-like' eyes).

Tweety and Tinko today...look at the size of 'em!

Looking at them, I can't believe they came out of teeny tiny eggs. Goes to show how wonderful God the creator is. Anyway, they should do fast and fly away biko! I'm glad I got to witness the entire process from the eggs being laid till the point where they hatched, got big and had feathers. I wish i'll be there to watch them fly away......

Anyway....... *shrugs*


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  1. I know this species. Lol @ winshy-eyes!

  2. omggg shishii u cnt kill me with laff. @ winshy eyes. hahahahahahah

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