Saturday, 10 August 2013

Ijeoma got re-defined!

Good evening beauties,

Sorry i haven't been here in a while, i've been quite busy....but that's a good thing right? Anyways, here's a makeover i did on my cousin Ijeoma. I haven't seen her in a loooooooong while, so when she came visiting 2 days ago, i decided to redefine her.

Here are some pictures....enjoy

Ok, with her kind of eyes, i couldn't resist doing a smokey look on her too.

Ijeoma and her twin sis

Ijeoma has lovely features especially her eyes. If only i had her kind of eyes, i'll be rocking smokey looks everyday! It was great seeing her again.

So tomorrow's sunday. Looking forward to church service. Talk to you tomorrow.......

Or not.


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  1. Twins you say? *bbm surprised look*. I would never hav guessed. These girls look very familiar. I feel its secondary school. Is it St judes's secondary school? I can't place. I attended so many secondary skools.

    1. Yes oooo! Twins. No one ever believes it. I'm not sure about the high sch they attended sha. It culd b St. Jude's 'cos they stay here in Festac town too.

  2. Waaaat? Did u say twins or waz it a typo error? Can't bliv dis.... Dey dnt evn luk lyk sisters talk more of twins, God's unique creation thou! I luv d smokey blue eyez on ha cos dats my favorite smokey look, gud job Aunty Nazor n howz Mish mish n errm! 4gotn his name doin? A Blessed Sun and stl waitin 4 my reply ooo

    1. Yes, twins.
      God is great!
      His name is Dindu.
      Will reply now.

  3. Blushes n'dimples you have a magic hand

  4. hmmm lovely pics

  5. Your work is just perfect. I hope you would be available for my wedding.

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