Tuesday, 13 August 2013


A few days ago, i bought a little bottle of "bio-oil". Prior to that day, i had heard a lot of raves about the oil, how it was a miracle in a bottle, how it minimized or even cleared out stretch marks and enhanced smooth skin, and so on. Some ladies said they used theirs while pregnant and it worked for them and prevented the dreaded stretch marks from showing.

I planned to get mine, (seriously i did) but each time i went into a beauty store it either skipped my mind to ask for it...or even when i remembered to buy the product, i was so reluctant to buy it #Araditetinz....hmnnnn... Meanwhile, the last time i visited my parents, i saw a big bottle of bio-oil on my mum's dressing table. I wanted to beg her to dash me (shame on me!), but on second thoughts, i decided to respect myself and buy mine. So like 5 days ago, i went to Oxpharm store and bought all i needed, then i went ahead and asked:

"Do you have Bio oil?"

"Yes" the attendant said.

"Okies, lemme have the small bottle (60ml) please"

That's how i got to have my very own Bio oil bottle.


On the bottle, it says:

Specialist skincare for
Scars Stretch marks Uneven skin tone Ageing skin Dehydrated skin

Apply twice daily for a minimum of 3 months. During pregnancy apply twice daily from the start of the second trimester.

Well since i bought it, i've been using it religiously, and here is what i think about it so far….

PACKAGING.......Wonderful! If thou art a reader of my product reviews, then thou shouldest know that packaging meaneth everything to me! It comes in a sturdy, transparent, plastic bottle with a white plastic cover. The 'nozzle' or hole where the oil comes out from is wide enough for the oil to come through easily, but not too wide that it can pour out uncontrollably.

SMELL.........All sorts of amazing! It's a mixed scent of lavender and chamomile and i love it!

FEEL.......This is what i love most about this oil asides the smell... i love the fact that it doesn't have that irritating greasy feel that most oils have....instead, it kinda dries out as you massage it into your skin. There's nothing i hate as much as a greasy, oily feeling on my skin. I love how Bio-oil just dries out. It's very light as opposed to other kinds of oil. It has that non-greasy consistency because of the breakthrough ingredient-PurCellin oil.

Now, i just started using it, so i can't say how effective it is. It says on the bottle that i should use it for at least 3 months....choi! That's a long time! I hope I'll stick to my religious routine and not get tired quickly. Anyway, I'll take it one day at a time.

I really pray it works 'cos after 3 babies, my belly looks like it was mauled by a bear! (No i  won't show you pictures....lemme alone!) I can't wait to see my belly with little or no stretch marks at all. It shall be a wonderful sight to behold! I'll let you know how it works out for me. *winks*

₦ 1,000

Pharmacare or Oxpharm Festac town

Frannies Cosmetics, 22 road, opposite TFC Festac town.

Ebenezers cosmetics, opposite nitel, Festac town.

Alrighty then......

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  1. I have oily skin wanna know if I can use it

    1. I think you can.....not on your face though.

  2. I don't have any stretchmarks, but reading this review makes me want to buy the oil!

  3. I used Bio-oil when I strtd developing stretch marks on my arm and It didn't work 4 mii thou, I didn't cont afta using up the medium size bottle sha... I feel it dosent wrk 4 all skin type

    1. Hmnnnn....let's hope I have the type of skin it works for.

  4. I always mix it wit my cream dat I evn 4get I use bio-oil sef! Lool! Bt I fink its amazeballs! Love d texture and feel and d smell's awesome too. Lmaoooo@araditetinz! Chei Nazor ur sense of humor is jst outts dis world!

  5. Bosslady,thanks, you've just given me a tip. I have it (had it for a while) but I always forget it...even when I remember I just leave it cos I hardly rub cream. But from reviews it must be a nice product. Heard there are fake ones too so one has to be careful.

    Pls for the cream rubbers, what is the best cream to use? I have oily skin and I'm Nazor's complexion (I think...#famzingtinz). I use Clear Elssence fade cream and gel, but I want to change lemme see if I will be inspired to rub cream everyday.

    1. Loolz @ famzing tinz

      Yes, I heard there are lots of fake bio oil bottles out there. Those fake ones are prolly the ones that don't work for the people who use them.

      If your clear Essence cream works well for you, why change kwanu?

  6. Hav heard testimonies abt the oil too. I have this same size even though I hardly use it now bt I don't skip it during harmathan. I don't really have strech marks just love the smooth skin effect it gives me.. Nazor plz reply my mail o, its urgent nnem

  7. I agree with u anon. I bought mine from boots when I was in my first trimester but for where! Stretchmarks design my belle. Even after birth,i decided to continue hoping the marks would shrink but e no happen. Maybe it depends on skin type. Abi na me buy fake? #confused#

    1. Hmnnnn....i'm keeping my fingers crossed oooo! It Berrer werk for me.

  8. Lol@raradite thinz.

  9. It didnt work for me. Hope it works for u

  10. Plzzzz!!! Nazor and dear readers. Kindly advice on the best way to get rid of facial spots and pimples. Itzzz soooooo depressing. I use neutrogena facial wash and mary kay age fighter mostiurizer. Itz still d same. Help plzzzz. Thanks

    1. My dear am in d same boat wif u, I use Makari acne facial wash and Pons perfect care oil control moisturizer buh no improvement, Plz Dear reader and Naza help us 2 get our face back

    2. Hmnnnnn dears oooo! I know that those black spots are acne/ pimple scars, and I know that applying lemon juice on them 3 times a week will help lighten them.

      Do you do facials regularly? If you do, it will help control the appearance of acne/ pimples and thereby, leading to little or no spots on your face.

      Please do your facials regularly.


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