Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Random tips

Hello dolls.....

Bringing some random tips your way....

When applying makeup products...any makeup product at all, build it up gradually. Don't just pack the product on, and then when you discover it's too much, you try to reduce it by cleaning some off. Remember that it's harder to clean off makeup than it is to apply.....what's more, your work will no longer look flawless. it up.

When applying your eyeshadows, remember that the lighter shades are applied in the tear-duct (inner-most corner) and on the brow-bone. Lighter shades are used in the tear-duct to open up the eyes and give them the illusion of being brighter, then it's also used on the browbone as a highlight.

The darker colors are used to define the 'crease' of the eyes (eye socket area) and to contour the 'outer V'. Colors such as blacks, browns, dark purples, dark greens, dark blues, etc.

Don't use one texture of eyeshadow all over the entire eyes, rather, use a healthy mix of different textures (matte, shimmery, metallic, etc). This will give you a more dynamic look with a lot more dimension. For example, don't use shimmery shades all over your lid, in your crease and on your brow bone....your eyes would just look like a hot shimmery mess! Instead, you can use a shimmery shade on your eyelids, a matte in your crease, and a shimmery shade on your browbone.

Hope you learnt something new.....

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  1. Thanks Nazor. I learnt some new tips today! As usual, u r da bomb!


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