Thursday, 22 August 2013

The nest is empty!

Oh my goist!

Imagine my shock when i drew back the curtains this morning and found this....

An empty nest! I know...just ignore the bird poo

When did that happen?!

I mean, i knew they would definately leave one day, infact, i hoped they would leave soon so that i would clean up my window sill, but despite that, my heart skipped a beat when i drew back the curtains and Tweety and Tinko were nowhere to be found.

I think they left this early morning when i heard all the flapping going on at the window. I thought it was Mama bird, but little did i know that they were making their grand exit. Choi!

I think i kinda miss them....

Maybe they would come back. Maybe i should just leave the nest that way...yeah...bird poo and that if they happen to come back, they'll have somewhere to stay. Naaaaah! I should just throw it all out. Gosh, i can't believe it all started from this.....

And the nest looked pretty without all the bird poo. Now, it's a disgusting sight.

Oh well...... I'm glad i got to see it all live and direct. No be dem say dem say.

Farewell Tweety and Tinko.....visit sometime.

Lemme go clean up my window.

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  1. Please don't clean up too soon, just give it one or two days just incase. I love the pics.

  2. Lool finally,its a gud thin to kno dey left demselves

    1. Yes oooo! I'm sure they were sick of me. They'll be like "This pelzin that is always coming to stare at us and take pictures. Thank God we're free of her!"


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