Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Vivian graduates!

Today, one of my students graduated. Yipppie yaaaaaaaayaaaaaaaay!

Vivian came all the way from the east for her makeup training at B'nD, and now that she's finished, she'll be heading back to her base. That we'll miss her is an understatement. Infact, all my students ehn! *smh* There's never a dull moment with them.

Viv at work

Yellow and gold colors blended well into each other

Flaunting her certificate

Her model didn't want to be left out

Neither did Nonye

Goofing around

Wishing you great luck and favour Viv, remember...practice remains the key. God will go before you in your makeup career to make you the best amongst many. Jisike

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  1. Congrats vivvy! Kip practicing.

  2. Awwww!!!! Really nice. Congrats Viv :) .

  3. Congrats Viv. I wish you success.

  4. You can't let her graduate. Her eyebrows technique is Zero.

    1. Zero? Seriously?

      She took a 4 weeks corse, and if you know how it is learning brows, you would know that she won't be an expert at that in 4 weeks. The reason for any sort of training is to get basic knowledge which you should work on to expand it. For Viv to draw expert brows, she needs to practice more which I told her to. If you saw her brows techniques when she started her course, you would know that she has come a long way, and will definitely get there. But to rate her techniques zero? That was really harsh.

      Thanks anyway.

    2. Nazor dnt mind the anon jare, u knw som peeps are out there to frustrate others efforts. Kip up your good work jare

  5. That anon must be retarded.don't hide behind a computer screen(or woteva it is u re hiddin behind)and put people's efforts down.take ur negatIve energy somewhere else.EWU!Nazor don't mind the Okpo!u did a very gud job wif viv.that yellow n gold look was so well done.she's gud n I pray ur name will be heard thru her in the future.

  6. That anno sef, nawa for u o! U tink bro technique is dat easy? I rem how mine was months ago wen I finished and how perfect it has become now. You can't grow witout practising but telling her its zero was really devastating. Encourage her to grow. U don't just hide under anno to thrash people's work, Show ur face or ur Id.

  7. Ds my 1st time of comenting..Some pple can b so negative...D brows r nice n pratice dey says make perfection.congrats Viv


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