Friday, 20 September 2013

B' n D makeover | 70's

Are the pictures below how they looked in the 70's?

I wonder too.....but this look had to have a name right? Loolz!

Hello dolls. So sorry for the break in transmission......i was under the weather for sometime, but don't worry, it's the good kind of sickness though *winks*

I did this look 2 days ago, and i'm only mustering the strength to post it today 'cos i couldn't bear to let a whole week go by without a post. Chukwu aju!

I read all the comments on the giveaway, and i promise to give u all what you mentioned that you want to see more help me God. About the video tutorials, i'm still 'fearing' ooooo! Ok, you know what? once i get a good, easy-to-use video editor and of course a tripod for my DSLR cam, i will start working on it right away.

Video tutorials are much more easier than pictorials....i dey tell you! It's not easy to take pictures of every step of your makeup application, and then go ahead to type and explain step-by-step. Ko easy rara. So that's why i'm seriously giving the video tutorials thinghy a thought. Hey, if you know a good video editor, please let me know.

Meanwhile, here are pictures from the '70's' look.....

Yeah...tried out the Demi wispies......and i'm in looooove!

With flash

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*Marykay foundation in Bronze 607 & 507 all over my face
*Marykay concealers in Bronze 1&2 to define my brows
*Sleek pressed powder in 'tropical bronze' all over face
*Sleek contour kit in 'Dark' for contouring my nose
*Sleek blush in 'Scandalous' on the apples of my cheeks

*Tara's eye primer
*NYX jumbo pencil in 'milk' all over my lids and in my lower waterline
*A light gold from my BH cosmetics eyeshadow palette all over the lids
*A silver shadow in my inner corners from the same BH palette
*A black on the outer corner still from the same BH palette
*MAC fluidline gel liner in 'blacktrack' on my upper lashline
*Zaron's 'Black velvet' in my upper waterline
*Jordana brow pencil in 'Dark brown' for my brows
*Ardell false lashes in 'Demi wispies'

*MAC Ruby woo

Do you like the look?

Are there any gbagauns in this post? Pls ignore them.

Right now............IT'S CHICKEN SUYA TIMEEEE!!!! Your share? Sheck ya inbox....eeeees there.

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  1. Good to have u back, take care of urself o, I wish u were my colour so I can just try and buy some of these things and experiment once in a while, as it is I don't know the colour of foundation, pressed powder, concealer.... To use and I'm afraid to ask from who I'll buy from, the only time I ever bought Marykay pressed powder the colour was just off and it made me look "one kind" since den I haven't tried it again. Great work.

  2. Nice. Bt I'm not feeling d eye makeup oooo! Not as nice as ur previous works.#myownopinion#. Bt d ruby woo is gorgeeeeeous!

  3. lovely makeup, me likey

  4. Good kind of sickness? #azonto shoes on. I must come for omugo o.

  5. Congrats on ur pregnancy. Mama ejima here u

  6. Congrats dear. I'm feeling d makeup sure looks like d 70's. Do pamper ur self wella.

  7. Waooo! Ji mmiri oku sickness! Lolz! Congrats dear. Am feeling d makeup, its so warm and d lips gave d eyes d spark.

  8. Lovely look but it is more of a Hollywood glam look , so it is more of 50s-60s look .

  9. You're really beautiful. I like this makeup, it feels pure and sincere.


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