Friday, 6 September 2013

Blushes 'n Dimples 'give-away' coming soon!!

Good morning lovelies!

I hope you all slept well...... I did! And when i woke up this morning, an idea snuck into my head and stuck.

So, i have some news for you all..... because i value my readers so much, and because it's my birthday month, i would be hosting my very first give-away on this blog! Whoop! whoop!

If you love makeup and all things beauty, then you wouldn't want to miss this give-away....Wow, i'm excited just thinking about it, and you should be too.

Stay tuned to this blog so that you wouldn't miss it when it starts. The give-away would run for 5 days and there would be ONE winner. All you need do is enter the competition by following the rules, and then a random number selector at will pick the winner (Everyone who enters will have a fair chance of wonder not *huge grin*)

Can't wait!

Watch this space everyone...

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  1. How much do you know about dimples? Discover the mystery of dimples.

  2. Im excited.pls i nid u to recommend an eye pencil that fits for a very dark person.thanks.

    1. The problem with really dark skin is that most pencils don't really show on their skin. It only shows after a lighter concealer or foundation is used to highlight the brows and make them pop. Try those cheap Mac pencils or Davis 018 pencils and then use a concealer or foundation that is a shade lighter than you to highlight the brows. It would do the trick.

    2. Also try black opal or Tara's 'dark brown' pencil.

  3. I beta start commenting...I want

  4. Yippeeeeee! I can't wait, wink*


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