Saturday, 7 September 2013

B'n D makeover | Black smoke and a pop of lime

Some weekends are just .......'bleh!'

Infact, maybe it's not the weekend's fault. I think it's just me. My laziness these days comparisim....onweghi atu.

Well, in order not to let today go to waste, i tried out a new look christened 'Black smoke and a pop of lime'. Y'all know that i dont like my smokey looks overly i stopped building up the black eyeshadow at a point and just blended out the smoke.

By the way, that is lime green in the inner corner.....for some reason, it wasnt vibrant enough in the pics.


You see? The smoke ain't much

This pic looks too noisy and sharp...i can tell from the face


And my naurry cousin had to do this! Nina if i cash you in this Lagos ehn...i will pour you yam water!
 You can tweak this look to your taste by using any color you wish in the inner corner of your eyes instead of the lime green i used. Just use any bright colors that complements your attire or jewelries. You would love me.



*MaryKay foundations in Bronze 607 & 507
*MaryKay concealers in Bronze 1 & 2
*Sleek pressed powder in 'Tropical bronze'
*Black radiance blush in 'Soft Honey'
*Sleek contour kit in 'Dark' for contouring my nose and the hollows of my cheeks


*Davis brow pencil in '018'
*MAC brown pencil (The fake one by the way......N100 type *Sticks out tongue*)
*Tara eye primer
*Black NYX jumbo pencil as a base for my eyeshadow
*Black eyeshadow from Sleek 'Badgirl' palette
*Lime green eyeshadow from my BH cosmetics 120 color 4th edition palette (Beht of course, any lime green you have will do!)
*Sleek 'tropical bronze' pressed powder for highlighting my brow bone
*Zaron 'black velvet' pencil for my waterlines
*MAC fluidline gel liner in 'Blacktrack'


*Jordana lip liner in 'Hot Cocoa'
*'Barely nude' by Estee Lauder
*A clear lip gloss for extra shine

If you try out this look, pls send me pictures!

By the way, the give-away is almost here. You people should participate oooooo! This one that only few people indicated their interest in the competition *Side eyes some people*. ONLY those who participate stands a chance of winning oooo! *Pulls ear for emphasis*. Don't worry, the rules aren't complicated at all. No one would be asked to write an essay about how she discovered this blog, how she met her boyfie/hubby, will be pretty simple.

Just stay, i gats to go.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA......the cartoonized you is so pretty........but thank God that's not your real look.....
    i love this post it made me smile....
    am waiting for the giveaway oh...*and as your sis make sure i win oh....*

    1. U better start fasting and prayers ooooo! *runs away...far away*

  2. Oh! so creative. I really love your blog!

  3. I love ur blog, first time am commenting... D cartoon pic of u got me laughing. Nice one.

  4. Hi Nazor!Am seriouzly cracking up here.See ur cartoonize eye made me fall frm ma bed so tey my baby screamed...hahaha!U made my day anyway!Ehen,(pulls ear)am anxiously waitin 4dose awoof giveaway.*Covers face*
    Have a splendid day!

  5. Hahahahhha! See those eyes wey I dey always admire oooo! *runsaway*


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