Sunday, 8 September 2013

Eeeeeeees my baiday!!! | Giveaway time!

Good morning Beauties,

Today is a very special day. 30 decades ago, i was born! *boy! i am old!.....chai!*. Ok, maybe i should have just said 30 years ago because the word 'decades' make me sound ancient.

Anywhoo.......eeeeeees my baiday! *Dancing to 'Halleluyah' by Lara George*

Lord, i'm so grateful to you ooooo! The fact that i have witnessed yet another birthday is purely by your mercy ONLY! I have seen many die, but i still live. I thank you Lord for choosing to guide, keep, protect and bless me. I owe it all to you. Even by this time last year, who was i? What was i? But from that time till today, the progress and achievements have shocked even me! It can only be you Lord, it can only be you. When you were sharing husbands, you gave me the very bestestest of them all (Yes oooo!), you blessed me with two adorable kids and and an angel who i know is sitting on your laps up in heaven.

You put the idea of 'Blushes 'n Dimples' in my head, and it stuck. You have been giving me all the wisdom that i need. Father i bless your name. For these and lots more, i say Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

“Who is like unto thee? Oh Lord, who is like unto thee? Oh Lord.
Amongst the gods, who is like thee?
You are glorious in holiness, and fearful in praises
Always doing wonders halleluyah

Darling Jesus, darling Jesus
Oh my darling Jesus, you’re a wonderful Lord
I love you so….my darling Jesus
Oh my darling Jesus you’re a wonderful Lord”

Those are my two popular favorite songs of late. So please sing them with me and thank Him for me.


What better day to start the giveaway than today?

Remember that the fun only lasts for 5 days starting today. The winner would be announced on thursday by 7:30pm, and ONLY those who participate stand a chance of winning.

Meanwhile, here are the giveaway items....

All of 'em goodies

Nicely pigmented metallic eyeshadows

·       BH cosmetics 10 color concealer palette
·       Romantic beauty 27 color eyeshadow palette
·       A beauty blender sponge
·       A MAC brow pencil
·       Jordana blush in ‘redwood’
·       NYX jumbo pencil in ‘pots & pans’
·       NYX glitter powder in ‘hot pink’
·       Too faced shadow insurance glitter glue/ eyeshadow primer
·       Italia eyeliner pencils in ‘royal blue’ & ‘lavender’
·       Sleek true color lipstick in ‘pink freeze’
·       Zaron lip liner pencil in ‘fussy fusha’
·       Cosmetic pencil sharpener (Sally Hansen)

*** ONLY READERS IN LAGOS are eligible to enter the giveaway competition ('cos of delivery issues. Hopefully, soon, we'll figure out how to send stuff to winners in other states)

*** Follow this blog on google connect by clicking on the sidebar, then like our page on facebook. NOTE: It's not a must to do this, but i'll appreciate if you do *hugs*.

*** NOW, THIS STEP IS A MUST! *stern face* Leave a comment stating what you love about this blog and what you would like to see more of......oh and leave your email address in your comment too.....that's how the winner would be contacted after the announcement here (The comment must be on this post, not on any other post please.)

*** No multiple entries please (na beg i dey beg ooo!...trying to make it as fair as possible) God is washeeeeen with a massive telescope oooo!

*** Remember that it's a 5-days competition, so enter today.


The winning number will be selected based on the comment order.....i.e The first comment will be assigned 'number 1', the second comment will be assigned 'number 2', third comment 'number 3' and so on.

Then the winning number will be chosen by a random number selector via

That's eeeet!

Good luck lovelies.

By the way, those cup-cakes up there are for all of you. Share nicely pls, and don't fight ooooo! Loolz!

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  1. Chei Nazor!!! you definitely Know how to press my "Awoof Button" :D. i love this blog cos i get to learn new stuff about makeup(Which I'm not so good at)every time i log on. I would also love to see more pictures taken by you and not random Google images. Have a wonderful Birthday celebration and please, Reserve my party rice and Cake ;)

    1. Hello ma happy birthday llnp wishing you the very best
      I really really can't write down all I love about your blog ma would I start fromthe fact that its amazing, orthe fact that if I don't have mai pen and paper I can't open your blog ( dammn informative the facial fridays, the MUA , the God prasing segmentjust name it your crativity segment showing your latest make up on your face your reviews)or the fact that you are so sinsere about it all I have really not come across any blog that is this well INFORMATIVE. But then for every good thin there is room for improvement
      I wouldn't mind if you have a make me look like segment eg makin omotolas look on a given picture or tiwaz look
      2ndly, we can bring in more readers on your blog I.e if through notifications there this blogs where you drop your email and viola u get notified when ther are new post or those on your bbm list or and facebook twitter list u send in the link to the post to the various addresses. I would give u more later ma love u plenty ma wishin u a happy birthday ...... From HAWAU Xoxo

  2. Was scared to be the first to comment,not sure wud pick the ist number, lool! (Who doesn't want free thing)
    Back to the koko of the day,the 'realness' of the write-ups is what I love about the blog when I open the page am sure to get a fresh and original write up not something lifted from another blog or something I've come across before.
    What I would love to see more of are pictures of make up done on your

  3. I'm not a lagosian so I'll save my tym.HBD tho

  4. Yaaaay Awoff time Happy Birthday to you ma what I love most about this blog is the product reviews you do and also the detailed description of how you achieved a look once am on your blog I just tell my younger ones that am busy studying being an upcoming artist you inspire me a lot keep up the good work what I will love to see more on this blog is pictures of clients you have done my email is

  5. Happy Birthday my role wah ooo me I'm not in lagos and its annoying that I can't particpate in this give away*sobs* Chai see all the items for give away.
    I love B&D because I get first hand information about makeup,you playfully drive home the point with your englishes*wink* you believe in miracles(your sons birth story)
    The list is endless. God bless you and give you more knowledge I can tap.......still crying....its not fair ooo.

  6. HBD Nazor!Wishing u many many mor years in good health,wealth and prosperity.Amen!
    What I love about Blushes and dimple is your witty ways!you inspire me a lot cos am not just learning a lot of tricks here but am enjoying the product reviews,tutorials and very detailed instructions .You are a swweet and funny person,down to earth and calm.Av not met u Nazor,buh I can say this about u from visiting this blog.You are an Amazing personality and am sure neva wil ba a dull moment wit u if one happen 2b ur student.
    God bless u with more wisdom!

    1. I will like 2c more of video tutorials and Bridal makeovers.Am deleting d oda comments cos its mor dan one due 2ma earlier mistake of nt including my E-mail..My email

  7. Oh well...I would love to c more of tutorials (Video ) and more of bridals makeovers.My Email addy is


  8. Happy baiday my beautiful madam. Your blog has inspired me so much that I make it a point to visit it atleast once a day even if I don't leave to see more of video tutorial. Jide ka I gi. Happy birthday babe hope to met u in person one of these days. U r an awesome person.

  9. HBD ma wish u many more yrs 2 kum nd blessings in all ur endeavours.what I like abt dis informative and amazing blog is how u communicate well wif us nd breakdown the stepsof make up artistry.lest I 4get ur creativity knws no bounds kip it up.more grease 2 ur elbows .fatimah(

  10. Happy Birthday Ma'am........I love your Pictures and would love to see more tutorials(pictorial)......

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  12. Happy Birthday Shi Shi. Please send to Abuja by ABC, BCD or DEF Transport o.
    Your blog is awesome and the best for make up olodos like mua. I would love to see more of make up posts that are easy to steal, like using very few items to make up so that one doesn't get confused when doing copy copy.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Happy Baiday ChiChi... Lovely blog, great Posts, love to see more makeup tutorial/videos.

    Wishing you more beautiful years ahead

  15. Happy birthday dearie! Wishing you and yours God's more than abundant blessings, may He continually guide and keep you and bless the works of your hands...have a fabulous birthday!!!

  16. HBD B n D... Wishing u more years n God's favour

  17. Happy birthday - missed ur blog so im here to catch up!

  18. LOL! what I love about this blog is pleeeenty! The natural write up by you, the lovely comments posted by visitors and the beautiful, clear pictures. Of course, the blog is always updated!!!! Well done and keep up the good work.

    Ogo/ London

  19. Happy bday. Your teachings are really simple to understand thats why i love your blog. I always yearn to see more.

  20. HBD dearie!.. Really enjoy reading ur dramatic write ups, make up reviews and admire d beautiful pics you post... Would like u to add makeup 4 clients and Fashion Makeup!! ... Yeah!!!..

  21. awww!! happy belated birthday dear! may God fulfill all your heart desires and may you see many more fruitful years. God bless you!

  22. awww!! happy belated birthday dear! may God fulfill all your heart desires and may you see many more fruitful years. God bless you!

  23. Wishing u More years and grace Dear, I got hooked about 2months ago but I've never commented, I LOVE ur Sense of Humour and ur Jokes, reading ur blog is never Boring, I wish u would do more BASIC make up DIY, some of us that are JJC in terms of Makeup don't have/know some of the items u use for ur Looks.

  24. Happy belated birthday! Long life, good health and prosperity.

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  26. Wow, I almost missed this! Happy birthday Nazor. LLNP. I love the fact that i always smile, grin or laugh each time i visit your blog. Your makeovers and pictures are beautiful and clear. And your picture tutorials are so detailed and easy to understand. Keep it up dear.

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  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Its so sad I can't participate cuz am not in lag, I love the way u communicate here and its so detailed. I also love d fact dat u make makeup not so expensive by trying to creat lovely look using "cheaper" products. And finally I love those eyesss, nazor cut small for me na, lol. HBD nwanyi oma


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