Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My ardell 'wispies' & 'fairies'

'Ello readers!
Hope you all are doing good. First of all…..i want to say a very big “THANK YOU!” To you all for all the birthday wishes and prayers. Y’all are the very best, and may God bless you one by one.
Did i have a party? Did i go out?
Errrrrrr… i didn’t. I was over-whelmed with the fact that i’m getting old, so i just stayed home….in bed. Dindu and Mish popped in once in a while to play though. By the way….that Mish ehn! She believes that only two people in the whole world are allowed to have birthdays…..Herself and her brother. When i announced to them a day before the 8th that it was mummy’s birthday tomorrow, Mish gave me a big wack at the back of my head and yelled “No it’s Dindu’s own birthday!”
I can't come and be dragging birthday with a shild, so i meekly accepted that perhaps it was really Dindu’s ‘own’ birthday! #Sigh.
So, did i at least get a cake?......Hof kes!!! What’s a birthday without a cake? I got a yummy carrot cake from hubby who knew that i had been craving Chocolate Royale’s carrot cake for a while now.
So, yesterday, i got myself two ardell false lashes and an eyelash curler. I’ve always wanted to get myself a pair of ardell wispies lashes, but i decided to wait till my current pack of falsies (Believe me when i say they have no name….or rather, i have no idea what they are called…’s written in Chinese though….ok, so technically, it has a name but i don’t know what it is) finish before getting some ardell ones.
Those are the N100 MAC pencils i usually mention.....they are really nice!
Well, i couldn’t wait any longer, so when i followed hubby to Surulere and V.i yesterday, i saw a golden opportunity. I’m lazy when it comes to driving far in this Lagos sha. First we went to Adeniran Ogunsanya shopping mall, and i entered the Casabella store looking for the ardell ‘wispies’. They didn’t have it, so i bought a pack of the ‘Fairies’ lashes instead. I also got myself an eyelash curler….yippie. My MUA friend ‘Beauty Addiction’ said she uses a lash curler to help fix her falses and push them as close to the lashline as possible. I thought it was a good idea and made a mental note to get myself one. So i picked up the tool along with the ‘fairies’ lashes.

'Fairies lashes'
And then, off we went to The palms V.I. I sighted another Casabella store and there i found the ‘wispies’ i was ‘finding’ since! I really wished i didn’t buy the ‘faires’ pack at surulere….then i would have picked up two ‘wispies’. Oh mi goish....i can't wait to use 'em in my next makeover post!

'Demi wispies'
These lashes are great! I pulled one out of the pack and placed it on my lid… fit perfectly and easily! Will i get more of it? Most definitely yes!

AHA! You people! I’m using side-eye to look at all of you commenting on the ‘Give-away’ post.  I don’t know about video tutorials yet oooo! I’m a vewy vewy shy person oooo! I’m not sure about putting my ‘live’ face out there oooo! For now, can we be managing the pictorials while i muster up courage?
And then, some people requested to see pictures of my work on my clients.....believe me when i say that i don't get to work on many clients. I get more of training jobs than bridal makeovers (one of the reasons why i'm considering focusing more on my makeup school). Then some of the bridal makeovers i do get, i can't just post their pictures here 'cos i don't have their permission to do so. I do have some up-coming bridal jobs, and i will be sure to put up their pics here IF they let me.
Some of you didn’t leave your e-mail addys ooo! What if you win, how do i contact you? Oh well, i’ll just announce the winner here on the blog tomorrow, and if the winner didn’t leave an email addy, pls she should contact me via my email addy Hmnnn…..i can’t wait to know who my first winner would be. By the way, please readers in other states, no vex for me abeg. I just didn’t know how to send the prize outside lagos if one of you happened to win. But i promise that you ladies would be involved in the next giveaway. Pardon me.

Pheeeeew! Long post! *wipes brow*
I have to go now….See you tomorrow by 7:30pm (by HIS special grace)
Besos dears!

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  1. Yaaaay!!! Now I'm commenting officailly(minus the birthday/giveaway own,lol! ) Awoof tins.let me say it Again.. I Soo love ur sense of humour.. U blog like u are seeing us face to face, u must be a very nice and warm person. I like u *coversface*
    PS: I don't stay in Lagos so WHEN I win, I will look for a way to get my gifts don't worry about Delivery.

  2. Chai Shishi, you got me laughing hard. You are just one kind geh eh? I saw that Baiday post late and wondered why you forgot us at WC o.

    The day you fix these falsies, you berra take step by step pishures and teach us o.

    1. Aaa ah! I didn't forget WC oooo! How can?!

  3. Read a post on fixing false lashes on olumakeovers blor,waiting to read yours.Biko if I win I have a contact person in Lagos,delivery is not an issue*wink*

  4. Culdnt help but laugh at "It's Dindu's own birthday" cute kids. Pls wat's an eyelash curler?

  5. Hi so enjoyin ur dull moment.I sent email 2 u,bt,it bounced back sayin,u don't have yahoo acct.anyways,wat I want 2 know is,if sleek eyeshadow pallets are made in china.cos,I don't wanna buy fake o.abeg,help me out fast yahoo add is


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