Friday, 13 September 2013

The foundation test

I think it’s time to talk about foundation and how to apply it. Overtime, i have noticed that quite a number of ladies do not know how to choose the correct foundation shade for their skin. Most ladies keep using the wrong shade thinking it’s their actual shade because some store-owner or cosmetics seller convinced them that it is their shade. A typical example would be the MaryKay bronze 507. You won’t believe how many ladies that insist bronze 507 is their shade…..even ladies darker than i am!

This is a crucial topic because many-a-times, i have seen ladies rocking faces that are either darker or lighter than their other parts (especially lighter). This should stop… in seriously! Your foundation should never be a shade lighter or darker than your skin complexion. Rather, it should be a perfect blend into your complexion. You gerrrit?

Most store-attendants all in a bid to ‘sell market’ would convince customers to buy a shade that they have no business wearing, just because they don’t have their correct shades and most of them know it. They just can’t bear watching you walk out of their store empty-handed, so they would rather convince you to buy an ‘off’ shade, and everytime you wear it, you would be looking like you have a mask on your face…. #Sigh.

The essence of this post is to guide makeup newbies on how to choose the right foundation for their skin and how to apply it flawlessly. First of all, you ought to know how to do ‘The foundation test’…

·       When you walk into a store to buy your foundation, please be sure that there’s natural light because you would want to test the shade you pick under natural light.
·       When you pick up a foundation you think is close to your skin shade, squeeze out a little and rub on your chin blending it into your jaw-line. Your correct shade should blend into your skin effortlessly, and it shouldn’t look lighter or darker than your complexion.
·       Bear that particular foundation in mind and stick to it. Each time you run out of the product, find that shade and buy it again. Unless you want to switch to another brand, then you should go the the store and do the foundation test all over again for that brand.

HOW TO APPLY FOUNDATION (or rather….how i apply my foundation)
I apply using a brush, wedge or beauty blender. I soak my wedge or beauty blender and squeeze out all the excess water. If i’m using a brush, i wet it and fling out all the water.

My Sigma foundation brush

My beauty blender

Then i squeeze out a little quantity of foundation on the back of my hand like i did in the picture below. It’s always better to squeeze out a little quantity at a time so that you don’t waste your product.

My mixture of 607 & 507

Next, using the brush, beauty blender or wedge, i pick up the foundation gradually and apply on one area at a time. I make sure to blend out an area properly first before i apply on another area so that the foundation won't dry out on that area before i blend it out well. I continue like that till i cover my entire face.
For the forehead area, i start in the middle of my brows, then i blend the foundation upwards into my hairline so that by the time i get to the hairline, the foundation blends well into the skin and there won’t be any awkward line of foundation around my hairline. That line only occurs when you start applying the foundation from the middle of your forehead and then try blending  it up to your hairline (good luck with that!). Always start from the middle of your brows and then upwards.

Place in the middle of the brows and blend upwards

Blending upwards

I don’t use a lot of foundation. The less it is, the better for me. I don’t have strength to be carrying heavy face everywhere biko! A light-coverage does a perfect job for me.
Finally, here’s a tip i learnt from one of my students….imagine that! *big grin*. If you happened to squeeze out a lot of foundation on the back of your hand, don’t wipe it off and let it waste. You can suck it back into the tube by holding the tube upright with the nozzle facing upwards, then squeeze out air from the tube gently (if you don’t do it gently, then you will be greeted by a squirt of foundation). While still holding the tube with the pressure applied on it to squeeze out the air, place the nozzle on the left over foundation and release the pressure. As the tube sucks in air, it would suck in some of the foundation as well. Repeat this as often as you need till all the foundation is sucked in.
You already knew that? #Gasp…shame on me! *covers face*

Anyway, with this knowledge you just gained on how to choose your foundation, hopefully, you won't let yourself be deceived by those store attendants anymore.

Thank you for taking out time to read this post.
Abrazos y besos.

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  1. Nice post, pls is mary kay foundation bronze 504 for fair people?

  2. Pls I'm a nw45 for mac what marykay foundation would work for me?

  3. How i would have loved for u to be in abj cos i really need help with the right shade of foundation, im also a mac nw45, will that help? Lol

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  5. I've not used Mac foundations, so i'm not sure wat shade the nw45 is or what its equivalent shade will be in MaryKay foundations. Why not just go to the store and do a test on your skin?

    By the way, in this post, I forgot to mention.....even after testing on your jawline inside the store and it looks like it's your shade, please step outside into the natural daylight and check it out in a mirror. If it's still your shade and you can't tell the difference between the foundation color and your skin color, buy it. If its not your shade, please go in and test another shade.

  6. The only ish I have with this post is - Hope u know some cosmestic sellers do not allow people open their products to test them.

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  7. @joy good cosmetics shop will even allow u test it cuz dey wouldn't want u to return it. If dey refuse plz check eslse where. And if u buy before u press out shake it veery well, if it turns out very watery den ditch it cuz its fake. Good foundation should be creamy and not watery. @ nazor hope u don't mind wit my shared knowledge.

    1. Mind ke? I even learnt from you just now.....never knew I should shake first. Thanks dear.

  8. As a skincare therapist, one of the most important things to even is good skin texture, this helps the foundation sit well on your skin, and not look bumpy and dull. Be sure to exfoliate your skin. Also I love love love using the beauty blender to blend my foundation.


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