Thursday, 12 September 2013

We have a winner!!!!

Good evening dears....
I'm sure we are all waiting with bated breaths to know who the winner of the first giveaway will be.

First and foremost, i'll like to say here that i really wish i could give everyone prizes, but unfortunately, for this's just ONE winner...

And the winner is..........

*********DRUMROLL********** (She didn't leave her real name).

There were 32 comments, but only 24 of them qualified 'cos the other 8 were duplicates which some were deleted and some weren't. In anycase, i didn't assign numbers to those 8 comments. So picked number 20 out of the remaining 24, and it happened to be Vivicintia's assigned number......yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Honestly, i wish i could give everyone a prize each *Sad face*....well we are happy for our winner, and there will be more giveaways to come, and those ones would have at least 2 winners each.

Congratulations Vivicintia. You will be contacted on how to come to the studio to pick up your prize.

This was fun!

Besos everyone!

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  1. Yeah! Yeah!! Am so so so happy i won can't believe it myself. I will continue to read this interesting blog. Thanks chy. Success is yours! Thumbs up *Dancing* (vivicintia)

  2. *crying* *sobbing * :( so sad I didn't win nxt time I won't comment early congrats to d winner


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