Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Pictorial of the last makeover post

Good morning beauties.

I'm sorry this is coming late....even though i promised to put it up the very next day after the makeover post *dodges shoe*.

Finished eyes. In case you are wondering, there's no foundation on my face yet....i always apply all my base makeup last (Foundation, concealer, powder and blush)

This is a step-by-step pictorial of the look. I did my best to re-create and capture the steps....hope you get it. If you try it out, please show me. I won't put the pic up on the blog if you don't want me to.

Here goes....

Friday, 22 November 2013

B 'n D makeover

B'n D makeover at last! pheeew!

I've been too lazy to do a makeover and pictorial for my blog in the past weeks mostly 'cos i had no strngth sometimes, then on the days i had strength, my skin would be looking coarse and dry despite moisturizing....this baby sure has a lot of questions to answer when he/she gets here. My lips nko? Always drying up. My lip balm doesn't work well for me anymore, so i have to change it. Even my deodorant, i had to change. My hormones are just raging out of control...

Ogini bu ife nka?!

Oh well, i eventually succeeded in doing a makeover and even the pictorial too....the pictorial will be posted tomorrow sha. Today, just look at the pictures....... *sticks out tongue*

Thursday, 21 November 2013

BH cosmetics 'Smokey eyes' palette

I dunno why people drive so crazy in Lagos. Sometimes, it's scary....other times, i join them jare! I swear down...they can make even pastors loose their cool. See me, even when i promise God that i will not commit sin throughout the day, some driver will make me yell "Waka! idiot! ekwensu!" all in one breath...... Jeez!

Its a terrible suntin. *takes a moment* *ok, rant over*

So yesterday, i said i would show you all the BH 'smokey eyes' palette.....Eeeeeeeees show time!

MUA alert!

Good morning dolls……
Today, i want to introduce a makeup artist to you. I used to do these MUA alert series (i think i did only 3 in the past and then i stopped. I thought of reviving it, and then Ugo gave me a ‘lil push….here we are) because i thought it will be nice for readers in different states to get to know the MUAs in their neighbourhoods and have direct access to them. You get to read about how they started (this would encourage up-coming MUAs) and also view some pictures of their works.

So ladies and prospective brides in the east, meet Adaobi Aso a makeup artist based in Owerri. I had the pleasure of interviewing her…..enjoy…..

Adaobi Aso

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

BH cosmetics eyeshadow palettes in 'Party girl', 'Night & day' and 'smokey eyes'.

Oh joy! The BH cosmetics eyeshadow palettes i ordered for sale have arrived!

This post is not a review, rather, its a display of the products in all their glory so that interested buyers will see what they are getting ....ok it's kinda a review albeit without swatches.

So, i got the 'Party girl', 'Night & Day' and 'Smokey eyes' palette and they are lovely! I think i'll just show you the first two, and reserve the 'Smokey eyes' palette for tomorrow 'cos it's a lotta pictures and i don't want to overwhelm you all.

Without much ado, lets get to it! First is the 'Party girl' palette  *beats gong*

I need you.....


Nominations have come and gone, now it's time to i need your help.

Voting began last week, and i say a huge 'gracias' to those who have already voted for me. May God
overwhelm you all with blessings.

I still need more votes....yes, i'm a shameless oliver twist *huge grin*. If you haven't voted, and you want to, please click here to get to the form.


*** When you get to the site, enter you name and a valid email address (Important)

*** Under the 'best beauty blog' category, click the circle beside 'Blushes 'n Dimples' to select it. Also, while you are there, please feel free to vote for other blogs in other categories (huge grin).

*** Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'submit'

An email from '' would be sent to the mail address you entered (so make sure you entered your email address correctly)....when you open the mail, please click the link in the mail. THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT BECAUSE ONLY THEN WILL YOUR VOTE BE COUNTED.

If you don't see the email in your inbox, please check your spam and junk folders.

Thank you!!!

This nomination is a big deal to me 'cos my blog is barely 1 year i totally didn't expect it! When nominations started, i didn't lobby for nomination from you guys 'cos i felt i wasnt ready yet....i planned to participate next year instead. But unknown to me, some darlings here went ahead and nominated me guys are the best.....i mean it! So imagine my shock when i got that congratulatory mention on twitter....loooolz!  Ooookay, enoff of all the gushing already.

Bikonu, vote for me oooooo!

God bless.....


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Monday, 11 November 2013

Bella and Rita graduates!

Two of my students graduated a few weeks ago, and i apologise for just posting it now *sheepish smile*

Meet Bella and Rita.

They decided to take advantage of the on-going ASUU strike to learn a trade (by the way, that strike has gone on long enough ahn-ahn! kilode sef? I hear it might be called off this thursday, so lets keep our fingers crossed).

I think it was a good thing they made that choice 'cos now it means that they have accquired the knowledge of a skill which they would definately earn from while even in school. So, they came, learnt, and were awarded certificates.....Kudos babes!

Errrrrm.....Bella didn't want to shave off too much of her younger sister's brows 'cos of school issues. So she had to work with her brows that way.

Friday, 8 November 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW | Sleek 'Papaya punch' and 'Candy cane' lipsticks, Zaron's 'Red vines' lip liner, and Princessa's 'Slate blue' eye liner.

Hey lovelies…… have y’all been?

I’ve been feeling better lately (seems the storm is subsiding) thank God.  So this post is a review on some products i recently got (Finally...a review!). I’ve been wanting to get them for a while, but it was either that they weren’t in stock, or that i just didn’t have the strength to go to the store (yep, ‘twas that bad). So finally, i got them, tried them and decided to share my findings.

I got the Zaron ‘Red vines’ lip liner pencil, and two sleek lipsticks in ‘Candy cane’ and ‘Papaya punch’, then as an extra, i also got an eyeliner pencil by Princessa in ‘Slate blue’.

My people, lemme gist you oooo! I walked into one very beautiful store like that to purchase the lipsticks. I already had the normal price in mind ‘cos i like to make a budget and try not to exceed it by over-spending. So i entered there and asked if they had the sleek lipsticks. The attendant said they did, so i asked her for the price. She asked me to hold on while she checked for the price. Next thing, she opened her mouth and said N5,000.

Hoin??!! E say??!!!

 Ndi b’anyi,  my eyes were as wide as saucers. I said to her “Nne, biko check well”  She showed me the price on the system, words failed me.  I jejely picked up my purse and keys from the counter and left the store. If i wanted a 5k lippie, i would have bought a MAC for goodness sakes! I went to another store and bought the lipsticks for N1,500 each…. I’m even certain that i would have seen them for N1,200 sef elsewhere.

Imagine that! What a mess!

So on to the business of the day...........

POPS concept presents their 1st Annual christmas Beauty A'fair!!

Christmas comes early with “The first Annual Christmas Beauty A’Fair” scheduled to hold Sunday 8th December, 2013 in Lagos. The Christmas Beauty A’Fair is the perfect beauty shopping event for the gift- giving season. It is designed to get attendees /visitors/shoppers in the festive spirit and provide a platform to:

§  Stock up on all their  favourites and get their holiday shopping done
§  Find that perfect Christmas beauty gift for themselves  and loved ones
§  The ideal event to shop from all their favourite brands and Vendors at great sales price

Pops Concepts is seeking MakeUp and Beauty brands and Vendors to participate in this pre –christmas event who are willing to offer great discounted products /Sales on good quality products / pre holiday sales/packaged beauty gift items /Christmas gift sets and promotional beauty items .

Exhibitor Categories
·         Makeup products and tools
·         Personal Care products
·         Skincare Products
·         Wellness and Spa
·         Hair care products
·         Beauty Gift packages
·         Accessories

DATE:  Sunday 8th December, 2013
VENUE: Our Place No 7 Olufunmilayo Okikolu Street off Toyin Str Ikeja.
TIME:  11am – 7pm

Brands: N25,000.00
Others:  N20,000.00
* Limited spaces available

Payment Details
Acct Name: Pops Concepts & Publ. Ltd ;
Acct No:   0126067087 ;
Bank :     GT bank

Once payment is made kindly send email to with company name and phone no for confirmation

Phone No: 08037862333, 08188905667
BBpin: 2B076018
Twitter: @themakeupfair
Instagram: @themakeupfair

I specially want to thank the POP concepts management for giving us yet another opportunity, my joy knows no bounds! Y'all know how bad i felt when i missed the LMUF. Thankfully, this one's on a sunday, and i pray that God keeps us all. I must attend this time around. Fasting and prayers have now commenced.

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Monday, 4 November 2013

I was nominated! Whoop-whoop! *fist pump* #NigerianBlogAwards

Good evening B.E.A-youtiful people! How's it going? hope good.

Me? I'm uber-excited!

If you are not on my bbm contact list or not following me on twitter, then you prolly don't know that my blog was nominated for the Nigerian blog awards 2013 under the 'Best beauty blog' category. Wonders!

Oh mai goist!!!

Are you as shocked as i am?

When i got the mention on twitter from the blog awards organizers, i just stared at my phone screen with my mouth agape, not understanding what i was reading. I had to read and re-read a couple of times...lool!
Yes, it's just a nomination, but hey it's a big deal to me for many reasons asides from the fact that it was totally unexpected. *smug happy grin*

And you know what? i owe it all to you my wonderful, wonderful readers who are always here whether i update or not. Honestly, i wouldn't be here if not for you guys, so i say "Thank you, and may God bless you all" You read every post and comment if you can....i appreciate you all *teary sniff*

Voting begins next week, and i would really need you all to come through for me.....yes we can! I'll put up the link you can click to vote once it's available. Please vote for me and get your friends to vote too.

Thanks again lovelies.......


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