Friday, 22 November 2013

B 'n D makeover

B'n D makeover at last! pheeew!

I've been too lazy to do a makeover and pictorial for my blog in the past weeks mostly 'cos i had no strngth sometimes, then on the days i had strength, my skin would be looking coarse and dry despite moisturizing....this baby sure has a lot of questions to answer when he/she gets here. My lips nko? Always drying up. My lip balm doesn't work well for me anymore, so i have to change it. Even my deodorant, i had to change. My hormones are just raging out of control...

Ogini bu ife nka?!

Oh well, i eventually succeeded in doing a makeover and even the pictorial too....the pictorial will be posted tomorrow sha. Today, just look at the pictures....... *sticks out tongue*

I didn't have a name for this look, but it just me or do i look like a bird in these pictures? Hmmmnn...ok.



***Marykay foundations in 607 & 507 for coverage
***Marykay concealers in bronze 1 & 2 to define brows
***Black radiance blush in 'spiced ginger' to add color to my cheeks
***Sleek pressed powder in 'tropical bronze' to set foundation on my face
***Sleek contour kit in 'dark' for contouring my nose and cheek bones


***Mac brown brow pencil for my brows
***Light green, dark green, gold and black eyeshadows from my BH 120 4th edition palette
***NYX eyeshadow base in 'skintone' to prep my eyes
***Zaron eyeliner in 'black velvet' for my waterlines
***MAC fluidline gel liner in 'black track' to line my upper lids
***Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow in 'sand dune' for highlighting my browbone


*** Zaron lipliner in 'fussy fusha' for lining my lips
***Elizabeth Arden lipstick in 'ruby rose'

Have a wonderful day

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  1. This Baby has already answered his/her question.....
    Your Glowing and more Beautiful.
    Is that contact or??????baby effect??
    am still campaigning oh for the NAME!!!!!.

    1. Yes, it's baby effect. My babies usually turn my eyes to different colors. The first time, it was purple. Next, it was blue. The last one was green, now this one is brown.

      Loooooolz! Don't mind me, just messing with's contacts ooo! By the way, glowing ke? I haven't gotten the hang of my camera yet. I don't get how to set it properly..... that's why i end up looking almost orange in my pictures *shrugs*

  2. Lmao..u dnt look lyk a bird o..u dnt even look preggy..ur face is still fresh and nt puffy..cos i knw some preggy woman av fat face..u are beautiful..

  3. U luk smashing...luv ur eye colour

  4. Really Nice to See your Blog on Nigerian Blog Awards website today, Really nice pictures of you. I hope you win the best beauty blog in the awards. Best of Luck

  5. Talking of babies,any tips on how to boost fertility? Heard folic acid helps,do you know if this is true? Gorgeous as usual,you are so glowing.

    1. Yes, I know women who are trying to concieve are asked to start taking folic acid months before they even preps the 'oven' for the 'bun'

  6. U're looking great biko,maybe babies should come more often, I love those eyes.

  7. Oh dear!look @ u!u r still pregnant abi?!u look gud gal!d cutest pregnant woman I've seen.big ups to u luv

  8. You look Amazing dear.


  9. Nne u got me laughing. My first time visiting and Commenting? Wow I don't do that but thumbs up.



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