Monday, 11 November 2013

Bella and Rita graduates!

Two of my students graduated a few weeks ago, and i apologise for just posting it now *sheepish smile*

Meet Bella and Rita.

They decided to take advantage of the on-going ASUU strike to learn a trade (by the way, that strike has gone on long enough ahn-ahn! kilode sef? I hear it might be called off this thursday, so lets keep our fingers crossed).

I think it was a good thing they made that choice 'cos now it means that they have accquired the knowledge of a skill which they would definately earn from while even in school. So, they came, learnt, and were awarded certificates.....Kudos babes!

Errrrrm.....Bella didn't want to shave off too much of her younger sister's brows 'cos of school issues. So she had to work with her brows that way.

She did a good job on her own brows.

Bella and her sis/model

Rita working

Rita's work on her model

....Ahem...........*clears throat*

Proudly showing off her 'Asambodo'

Like i always say ladies.....practice, practice, practice! i would continue to stalk your bbm profiles to make sure you put up 'evidence of practice'. That's the only way you will eventually master your skills. And if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.

I wish you good-luck in your makeup careers, there's plenty of room at the top, and you will definately get there.....we all will.


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  1. Can't wait 2 come learn my own skills!

  2. I love her brows this way. Cute.

  3. I love bella's Look on her own face more lovely brows.. good work girls..

  4. Nazor pls its my first tym on ur blog nd I luv ur work,,,Kudos! Pls wanted 2 ask u d best foundation 2 use I hav ur kinda skin colour buh its oily,so I want a foundation dat I can use dat culd stay dry on my face almost all which wuld u reccomend nd in wat shade? Tanx

  5. Congrats Bella and Rita, welldone! I love Bella'swork on her face too!

  6. @ Bella beautiful makeup just amazing!!!!

  7. Please oh!!try n do sumtin abt pple living in ota naw.i want 2 learn.

  8. Nice nice makeup 4 d two girls tho the makeup of their models doesn't look as gud as theirs.


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