Thursday, 21 November 2013

BH cosmetics 'Smokey eyes' palette

I dunno why people drive so crazy in Lagos. Sometimes, it's scary....other times, i join them jare! I swear down...they can make even pastors loose their cool. See me, even when i promise God that i will not commit sin throughout the day, some driver will make me yell "Waka! idiot! ekwensu!" all in one breath...... Jeez!

Its a terrible suntin. *takes a moment* *ok, rant over*

So yesterday, i said i would show you all the BH 'smokey eyes' palette.....Eeeeeeeees show time!

Did i mention it has a transparent plastic cover?

On the pack, they said....

“Here’s just what you need: A color-filled smoky eye palette that stands out amongst others. With this 28 color smoky eye palette, you have the power to create YOUR version  of the smoky eye”

Acloser look

Honestly, i'm tempted to take one of these smokey eye palettes for myself.....but that would be too much...i already have enough eyeshadows for creating smokey eyes......y'all know how much i love to smoke it out!

This palette has 28 lovely colors, and i especially love the purples, plum and the blue shades. They are perfect for the base color for the smokey eyes, and then you can pile on the black (or not sef).

Those outside Lagos asking for the palettes, i really don't know how to send to you guys. Plus, i can't guarantee that they would arrive in perfect condition....there's nothing as annoying as  broken eyeshadows!

Oh! and i have these 28-pieces brush sets for sale too. Holla!

So those are the pictures. Feel free to holla if interested.

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  1. Nice review...tnkz n pls hw much does d E/S cost? I'm nt in lag bt can snd a Friend to get it for me.


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