Friday, 8 November 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW | Sleek 'Papaya punch' and 'Candy cane' lipsticks, Zaron's 'Red vines' lip liner, and Princessa's 'Slate blue' eye liner.

Hey lovelies…… have y’all been?

I’ve been feeling better lately (seems the storm is subsiding) thank God.  So this post is a review on some products i recently got (Finally...a review!). I’ve been wanting to get them for a while, but it was either that they weren’t in stock, or that i just didn’t have the strength to go to the store (yep, ‘twas that bad). So finally, i got them, tried them and decided to share my findings.

I got the Zaron ‘Red vines’ lip liner pencil, and two sleek lipsticks in ‘Candy cane’ and ‘Papaya punch’, then as an extra, i also got an eyeliner pencil by Princessa in ‘Slate blue’.

My people, lemme gist you oooo! I walked into one very beautiful store like that to purchase the lipsticks. I already had the normal price in mind ‘cos i like to make a budget and try not to exceed it by over-spending. So i entered there and asked if they had the sleek lipsticks. The attendant said they did, so i asked her for the price. She asked me to hold on while she checked for the price. Next thing, she opened her mouth and said N5,000.

Hoin??!! E say??!!!

 Ndi b’anyi,  my eyes were as wide as saucers. I said to her “Nne, biko check well”  She showed me the price on the system, words failed me.  I jejely picked up my purse and keys from the counter and left the store. If i wanted a 5k lippie, i would have bought a MAC for goodness sakes! I went to another store and bought the lipsticks for N1,500 each…. I’m even certain that i would have seen them for N1,200 sef elsewhere.

Imagine that! What a mess!

So on to the business of the day...........


If you are a regular reader of my blog, then surely you know about my love for zaron products. I just can't get over how wonderfully creamy and long-lasting they are……and the ‘Red vines’ pencil is not an exception. It glides on very smoothly and doesn’t drag on the lips at all. I love it. Buy it! N750 only.


'Papaya punch' on the left and 'Candy cane' on the right


This lipstick is matte (as in it has no shimmer in it at all) and creamy it’s an orangey-peachy shade of color and has no smell (but then again, my sense of smell is presently warped……hormones…*smh*). I dunno why but i just love the color and that’s primarily why i bought it. As for the packaging, i love it too its small, handy and can fit into even a small makeup purse. It cost me N1,500

That’s a swatch of the ‘papaya punch’ on my lips with the zaron ‘red vines’ lip liner.


This one isn’t matte, it has a sheen texture to it and i really prefer it to the matte kind. When i applied this pink lipstick, i gasped at the sheer gorgeousness of it. It was so pretty, and it applied easier than the ‘papaya punch’ (Perhaps ‘cos of the sheen texture). It’s really nice. I bought this for N1,500 also.

That’s a swatch up there.


I’m usually very particular about my eye liner and lip liner pencils. They must be creamy, they must be very pigmented too. So for me to have bought this pencil even though it wasn’t on my budget, then it absolutely met my pencil criteria. It showed up in my water-line just as easily as my beloved zaron ‘Black velvet’ eyeliner does, and i would definitely be buying more colors if i find them. I bought it for N350 only.

So that’s it for today’s product review. Do you own any sleek lipsticks? What are their names?

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  1. Thank God you are feeling much better! xx.

    Ndi Oshi!! 5,000 isi ha there, mtcheew.

    1. My dear, no mind them oooo! I just tire!

  2. Lol@your 5000 encounter glad to know ur getting better,but pls did you put those products outside on the grass abi na camera effect? I am just scared for the lipstick ni o lol..

    1. Yes, they were sitting on the grass so be very afraid *evil face* Loolz! Don't mind me jare. I put them on the grass but the lipstics weren't scratched at all.

  3. all this una prices dey fear me o. I no get work and I wan dey do makeup. Anyway thank God for your health, are you "enciente'? I like the way you write, fun and interesting. weldone

  4. Yes I am 'enciente'. Thanks for the compliment.

  5. lol 5k? odikwa very risky - its equivalent of N1250 when u convert from the price on sleeks website to naira.anywayz i have the papaya punch and its lovely.

    u shd try exxagerate or mystic too if u can.

    1. Thanks dear, I will start looking for them.

  6. Nazar its my first tym on ur blog nd I luv ur work,,,keep it up. Pls I hav d type of ur skin colour buh kinda oily,so I wana ask if u knw d best foundation I can use dah can stay dry almost allday nd in wat shade? Tanx!

    1. Hi Mimz, please send me an email on


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