Tuesday, 31 December 2013


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My favourite time of the year has always been that moment when the clock strikes 12am on every December 31st night, ushering in the new year……the cross-over……Magical! I really can't describe that feeling. It’s a feeling of accomplishment, of victory, of extreme gratitude, of hope, of anticipation and joy all rolled in one! Every 31st night, i just stay awake praying with my family into the new year, all the while fixing my eyes on my wall-clock, wristwatch or phone, waiting for the cheer and the celebratory display of fireworks which follow that moment.

In 2013, i had a lot to be thankful for. God was just too wonderful to me and mine……and i really cannot thank Him enough. Is it easy to be alive from year to year? Do you know how many people that cross over into the new year bed-ridden and occupying hospital beds? So many are sorrow-laden and burdened with heavy hearts….so why shouldn’t i praise Him? He fulfilled all His promises to me in 2013. On the afternoon of the 31st of December 2012, i was taking a midday nap when i dreamt about someone who told me to name 2013 my year of light and fruitfulness. I did just that, and everything i did throughout the year yielded fruit…..isn’t that amazing? My resolution in 2013 was to always put God first in everything i did. I stuck to it, and it really changed my life. I’ll continue with that this new year and watch God at work.

My makeup career for instance who woulda thunk that i would have come this far in just the space of 1 year and 2 months? Did i even know my wee ‘lil blog will have an audience? I owe all this to God and to you my lovely loyal readers and clients…..may God bless you all for me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

2014, i’m soooo ready for you! I’m filled with excitement and anticipation ‘cos i have a feeling that God will hammer me with one big surprise this year even though i have no clue what it is yet. Do you know what it is? Come whisper in my ear..loolz! I have a lot lined up for my blog and my business. Watch out for more content and quality. My studio will also officially open this year, and of course i’m having a new-born baby this year *widest grin ever*. Chai i can't wait to stroke the curly hair and rub baby powder and oil on the baby.

Mish is already curious about the baby and i think it’s time to start getting her ready for the big  arrival. Next time i go to the ‘Game’ store at the palms, i’ll buy her one of those baby dolls complete with a change of clothes, feeding bottles the stroller and tiny car seat. That way, she’ll understand all that will happen when the baby arrives. Dindu doesn’t even care about all that mushy stuff…..all he wants is my ipad. I don’t even know who owns the ipad anymore…..me or him…he always wants to play one game or the other. He’s memorized my password and unlocks it at will. Do you know that most times, when i’m using my ipad and i hear his footsteps approaching, i quickly hide it under the bed, chair, pillow, wherever……yes it haff rish like that ooo!

My prayer for you this year is that God’s face will shine upon you all, and you will experience the best of 2014. You will not have sorrow, you will not mourn, you will know no pain. God will elevate and bless you all with health, joy, prosperity and peace this year, and no plan of your enemies will be established.

So this year will be beautiful. I believe i will have cause to rejoice and laugh all year round. I will experience no disappointments, sorrow or pain…NEVER! Hence, i have named it 'My year of joy and laughter'

What did you name yours?

Happy new yearrrrr!!!!!

Abrazos y besos
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  1. Heaven has ordained this year, so this. Year ushers in everlasting Isaac and extraordinary testimony. Happy new year everyone.

  2. My year of FULFILMENT, I will gget to that level where when I want to pray all I can do is thank God, cos there will be nothing left to ask for,amen.
    I've really enjoyed coming here, though I'm no good with make up, its still hit or miss for me, maybe because I don't have all the works.
    If only u could do a simple look with ponds powder, brown eyepencil(I can't curve brows at all) lipstick or gloss, mascara and kajal,eyepencil(I use sleek) I will be very grateful, I don't use all the other things u use maybe that's why my learning has been so slow :(.Happy new year dear, we made it

  3. Amen and Amen! Happy New year to you too, 2014 is my year of answered prayers!

  4. Happi new year ma, Glad we made it alive, God hs been so faithful n may his praise neva cease in our mouths. Dis year is my year to experience d strange acts of God in my life such dt eyes hv not seen nor ears heard. Wish u a very safe delivery. Remain blessed

  5. Thanks for replying I'm waiting :) , and that last "eye pencil(sleek)" is supposed to be eye shadow. Merci


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