Monday, 16 December 2013

Thank you so much!

Good morning lovelies.....

How are you all doing? I trust that all is well.

Today, i decided to do do a "Thank you" post. We didn't win the award for the 'Best beauty blog' this time, but hey!......there are other years to come. Honestly, i really didn't expect to win *covers face*


Well, for one...because my blog is still not even up to a year old, and the other nominees in my category had been there long before me. That's why my nomination came as a huge shock to me! It hit me "WHAM!" and left me breathless. Till today, i keep wondering how come?

I didn't lobby for nominations from anyone at all during the nomination stage, There are lots and lots of Nigerian beauty blogs, amd yet, my wee 'lil blog was amongst the 5 nominated for the award! You see why the nomination was and still is a big deal to me? It means we are doing something right, and we'll keep at it...just let me know the ways i can be better and i'll give it a shot.

When i started this blog, I had no readers, but i was only doing it because i had a passion for writing, and for makeup. I was determined to continue even if my readers were only 20 *smiles*. Today, people call me on the phone always, add me on their blackberry contacts and ping me telling me how they love my blog, and how much they have learnt from it so far.

I'm humbled! **sniffs and wipes tears**

You guys don't know how much i appreciate you all. I thank all of you who nominated me secretely, i thank all of you who made out time to vote for me over the past weeks, i also thank all of you who only come to my blog to read my posts and comment (or not). I'm so so so so grateful to you all!

*This post just decided to publish itself when i hadn't finished typing it oooooo! See me see wahala......but i musto finish it sha. I had to bring it back to continue typing it*

Ehn-hen....guess what? Dinma of 'That igbo chick' won the award, and i was soooo happy for her. I keep saying how much i love her blog and 'Stella's addiction' blog too. So she really deserved to win. I even learn new things from her blog sometimes. Last year, Stella also won the best beauty blog award (judges choice). Dinma, congrats again dear....keep it up!  Sisi Yemmie won 4 awards including the Nigerian blog of the year! Whoop-whoop!

God bless you all dears.

In other news, this hamarttan is doing me strong thing! I really can't wait for it to pass.....thank God i'm not at Enugu right now.
Besos y abrazos
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  1. Awwwww, You are welcome dear! Keep it up.

  2. Congrates. Hardwork pays and am really happy for you. It takes just a step!
    Jdy last posted...5 Qualities Men Look For in a Wife

  3. Next year, u'll win. Just continue the good work......i love the fact that u are so real..*muaah*

  4. Congrats either ways,its nt easy 2 b nominated.u will defintely win nxt year.

  5. You are Welcome dear, if there's any award for "Most Funny/blog readers friendlyblogger" u would win hands down,I love how u flow.
    Ways u can get better: be consistent, I don't visit often because u don't post often, yea I know ur condition and all but still try, 2) don't limit ur blogging to just your works only, u can feature other MUAs, those that inspire u, cull stories from their blogs, try beauty tips, post letters, ask questions, let the blog be interractive, that way we can keep coming to refresh comments to reply those that answered. Compliments of thhe season Hun


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