Saturday, 28 December 2013

Lanre got re-defined!


Today is the last saturday of the year! Can you believe it? I'm so grateful to have no idea! 2014 is just next week ooooo! 4 days away, so how far....any new resolutions?

Last saturday was my big sister's wedding, and i thought she was going to be my last bride for the year, but some days ago, i was contacted to do Lanre's makeup today...... how could i refuse eh kwa?

So today was the big day. I keep wondering what it is about wedding days that make the brides glow even before their makeup is applied.....there is this beautiful glow about them that i love.....perhaps it's the joy and excitement emanating from within. Noice! Lanre was no different is indeed beaurrriful.

Pictures below......


How cute are they?

Congratulations Lanre! My prayer for you today is that my father in heaven will bless your union with so much love and unity. You will both prosper and your coasts will be enlarged. God will cause you both to succeed in all that you do, you will spend many beautiful years together....and of course, your home will be filled with laughter and the pitter-patter of tiny feet.


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  1. Wonderful ma!i really love your blog u r also funny!i also think u would have blended d concealer above d brow or use her shade of foundation above d brow.

    1. Gbam! Your head is there! That was why I 'Ooops-ed' in that pix. Actually, I love the effect of the lighter concealer below and above the brows, but I neglected to blend it out well.... My bad. And my amebo camera didn't help matters at all. It caught my blunder and exposed me.

  2. U see y i said u r a very funny woman!*lafn freakin hard @amebo camera* !some bloggers wud actually sweep me out with broom 4 mkn such comment! May God bless ur home ma.

  3. Nice job ma, u r so gud @ wt u do.


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