Wednesday, 25 December 2013


It's another christmas, how wonderful!

Thank you God for keeping us all. It's not easy at all. Some people died yesterday....yet here we all are.

I can't believe how fast this year went.....or is it just me? Today for the first time, i didn't stay home all day on christmas day, rather i went out with my family to go have some christmasy fun!

I remember how fun christmas used to be when we were kids. We travelled to our village every year (our dogs inclusive) and on christmas day, my mum would cook up a storm and visitors would keep trooping into our house. It was always so cold there but we loved it!

Then on boxing day, we would go to my maternal grandmother's house to eat her tasty onugbu soup and her famous white rice and tomato stew, and then finally visit 'Eke-Nibo' to watch the was a tradition we looked forward to.

I think i need to create traditions of my own for my family so that it would be memories my kids would enjoy relieving when they grow up....yeah i should. Today, i took them to The palms at V.I and bought them ice cream from 'Cold stone' (ok, i admit....i was actually craving it). We didn't stay long at The palms 'cos there was a lot of people there and i hate crowded places, so off we went to 'Fun factory'. Chai, they really enjoyed playing there. Dindu especially.....and when it was time to go, he cried oooo! I tire. I promised to take them there sometime soon, and he felt better. I really wonder why someone hasn't built something like that here in festac.

Finally, we went to KFC to have lunch. Mimi drank a large cup of pepsi and started acting high #Gasp! I think it was all the sugar. After that, we came home.

Anyway....that's how i spent my christmas day. Hope you had fun today too.

My prayer for you this christmas is that the joy which christmas brings would never leave your homes. May the good Lord bless you and yours always. Please don't forget the reason for the season (Jesus Christ)....remember to ponder on why He was actually born. Merry christmas y'all!!!

PS : Our blog turned one on the 21st of this month of December......yippeeee! Can you believe how we've grown? I can't believe it myself. Thanks lovelies for don't know how grateful i am for all of you....i really am. Thank you! There's a giveaway coming soon...stay tuned.


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  1. U and your,merry Xmas

  2. Compliments of d season chio! So sorry its comin late, u nd ur funny stories indeed! Lolz So happy for u nd ur beautiful family cnt wait to have mine soon!*wink* Congrats on ur one year blog u ve been inspiring to a lot! God bless u nd kip soaring high darln! Luv u. Nonye!


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