Saturday, 14 December 2013

Nonye got re-defined!

Good morning dears....

The lovely Nonye booked my services as early as February this year for a bridal makeover on her wedding day which was yesterday the 14th of December. I was surprised that she booked so early, and i was humbled at the same time because she didn't want anyone else to book my services for that same day. She got to know me through this blog.

So the morning of the wedding dawned, and off i went with my box. I had to leave as early as 6:15 am for Bariga where the bride was dressing up from 'cos i hate being late for jobs....can't afford to be late and get rushed while working. Thankfully, i got there in record time and set to work.

Nonye re-defined

Nonye was a sweet, soft-spoken, and calm bride, and i really enjoyed making her up. She wanted a look that wasn't too loud, and specifically requested for pink lips. Eventually, she loved the look i did for her (we didn't have any pre-wedding trial makeup done, so i just went with my guts), and everyone else who saw her when i was done gushed about how beautiful she looked......well done me! *bats lashes*.

Werking eeet!

Beautiful, smiling bride

I planned to go to the church after her wedding servive to touch up her makeup, but when i called her, she said that there was no need for me to come 'cos her makeup was still intact, and that there was no shine on her T-zone at all ( all hail the powerful milk of magnesia....looolz!), and all she had to do was to apply another coat of lipgloss.

The bride and her lovely sister

Happy married life Nonye darling! May your home be filled with love, unity, joy, prosperity and the pitter-patter of tiny feet.

Thanks again for choosing Blushes 'n Dimples makeovers for your big day........


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  1. Lovely makeover n pretty bride. When u Av a pretty client ur work comes out perfect...

  2. Really nice job..quick question pls, aw do u use ur milk of Magnesia,I knw it shld cme b4 d foundation,I just wanna knw if it cld be used with a face primer or not..if yes,does it cme before or after the face primer and shld it be used allover the face or just the T-zone? Thanks

    1. I use it after after applying my primer, and then for faces that secrete oil only on the T-zone area, I apply it there alone (Nonye's oily area is her T-zone). Then for those who secrete oil all over their faces, I apply the milk all over their faces, let it dry (it will leave a white residue ooooo!) then I apply foundation on top.


  3. Nice Work Actually the first time am seeing your job on a bride pls keep posting more bridal jobs and u might just get to be booked for my big day too lol

    1. Lol! Thanks dear.
      I don't really do bridal jobs especially those that take me out of Festac. My focus is mainly on trainings and 'walk-in' makeovers at the studio. But if I get jobs close to me, I take dem, and I post dem here if the bride permits me to do so.


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