Friday, 31 January 2014

B 'n D makeover featuring Ada | Smokey plum

Hey beauties! Eeeeeees Friday!

You know what that means?? No school runs tomorrow!!! (I’m sure you thought i’ll say ‘partaaay time!’ abi?) Igasikwa!

I just love Saturday mornings because it means i can stay in bed till 11am if i want, although i wake up every morning by 6am just like clock-work….my body is now programmed that way ‘cos that’s when i get out of bed and start getting ready for school runs, so even on Saturdays and Sundays, my eyes snap open by 6am. Nope, i can't employ a driver.....i am 'fearing' them biko!
 Aha! You ladies are awesome! I’m amazed at the response i’m getting about the makeovers to be featured on my blog! I’ve received quite a number of e-mails from beautiful ladies volunteering their faces. Chei! Thank you very much ooo! Today, i did the first of such makeovers *Rings bell happily*

Ada's 'before' picture (taken without flash)

BEAUTY TALK | Alcohol and your skin

'Ello! Welcome to another segment of 'Beauty talk'. Today, i'll be talking about alcohol and it's effect on your skin.

Ok, so we already know that we need to protect our skin from the harsh rays of the sun.....but what about that glass of red/white wine, the margaritas or that Smirnoff ice you love to sip? The mojitos, tequilas, rum, whiskey? What about those bottles of Snapp you like to take to unwind while clubbing? Even sef I'm sure that some of you take it several notches higher by downing bottles of Stout, Star, Gulder or even shots of ogogoro! #Gasp!!! I kid ooo!

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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

B 'n D makeover | Pretty in pink

Good evening beauties.......

How was your day? Is it me or is this month painfully slow? It seems like it just doesn't want to end. I've heard of how slow January can be sometimes, but i've never experienced it till this year....Looolz! And to cap it all, the weather is soooo hot (or is it? I know that pregnant women have the tendency to feel hotter than everyone else around them. The heat emanates from within).

So what have you been up to? Me ehn, this evening i finished a plate of roasted yam and sweet potatoes with pepper sauce and kpomo and i washed it down with a bottle of orobo coke ( pls don't tell me that coke is bad for preggers women 'cos of the caffeine.....eeeees what baby wants jare!), and now, my tummy feels bloated and heavy choi! Baby makes me eat too much and as a result of that, i've developed thunder-thighs *groans*.

Anyway, i did this look sometime ago but i couldn't post it because......because......well, just because. *giggles*

Are you ladies tired of seeing just my face everytime? Frankly, i'm tired of using my face for all these looks..... so i'm thinking of using new faces. Would you like me to give you a makeover and then feature your face as a 'B 'n D look'? If so, please send me an email on

So here it is...... 'Pretty in pink'

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Beauty talk | Dark spots 101

Good morning beauties of life

Today, i decided to do a post on dark spots/patches because i've noticed that a lot ladies have issues with annoying dark spots on their faces and on other parts of their skin, marring their would-have-been flawless complexion.

I get asked about dark spots all the time......everyone wants to know how to get rid of them (who wouldn't?) So today, i dedicate a post to those annoying spots. Here, you would learn what causes them, how to prevent them and how to clear them. I would also include a few natural recipes that you can use on the 'lil devils. This is a lengthy post, but i'll advise you to bookmark this page for future references.

Ok so are you reaaady??!!



The big question! Dark spots or patches are called 'hyperpigmentation' and it happens when the skin produces excess melanin. From the research i did, i found out that whenever there's a skin injury or disease, the skin produces extra melanin to protect itself. The more melanin that is produced, the darker the skin will appear.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW | Elizabeth Arden lipsticks in 'Cameo', 'Peony, and 'Ruby rose'

Well, hello again.....

I got these beautiful lipsticks from my sister, and they are so nice! They are by 'Elizabeth Arden', and i got the shades in 'Peony', 'Ruby rose', and 'Cameo'.

First of all, the packaging is very nice and sturdy. Looks very 'chicky' to me. I particularly like the gold color of the tubes because it's different from other lipsticks i own. They are all either black or grey.

B 'n D makeover | Smokey corners

Hey beauties, how's it going? 

I christened this look 'Smokey corners' because i smoked out the inner and outer corners of my eyes using a dark brown eyeshadow.

The corners of the lashes refused to sit well. I can't come and kee myself biko!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Second Term

Today is saturday? Seriously?

Did not feel like it at all....well, maybe it's just me.

A lot has happened since my last post.......firstly and most importantly, my kids resumed school. It's the second term of the session, and when i went to their school (as is the norm) to check out their preparations for the new term and to be enlightened on all the kids would be taught, honestly my heart cut! This term go tough well well oooo! Dindu and his classmates have a lot to learn and somehow, i'm feeling for him.

Anyways, i remember last session when he didn't even know how to write and during one of the school's special assembly sessions, i heard the kids in a higher class than them counting backwards from 20-0. I was like "Oh mi gosh! Would Dindu even be able to do this? Wahala haff dey!" But today, he writes 1-200, he reads words, and he counts backwards from 30-0.... yet he's just in nursery one! So i know that no matter how scary their work-plan for the term looks, Dindu would totally master it! All i can do is pray for academic excellence, and i know that the good Lord will grant him that..... MishMish too.

Monday, 13 January 2014

MUA Alert!

Good evening beauties, you are welcome to another segment of 'MUA alert'. Today, i'll like to introduce you to Joyce, a makeup artist based at Ado-Ekiti. As usual, i sent her some questions and she sent in her answers. Quite interesting.




I started in 2010 when I was in my final year in school before writting my final papers. I thought it wise to go for training as I had little time before my exams, so i did my makeup training in lagos. As at that time, i was living with my parents in lagos before relocating in order to be more skillful in makeup artistry. 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

B 'n D Makeover | Purple sunday

Happy sunday beauties!

This look i did today wasn't what i had in mind to do. Infact, when i lugged out my makeup box this morning, i had no particular look in mind. I just decided to 'go with it' and paint as the spirit led. I did my eyebrows differently from the way i usually do them....i shaved of more brow hairs than i usually do because i wanted a slightly higher arch, and i was very well pleased with the way it turned out.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

HELLOFOOD ....Food ordering made so easy!!!

Hello lovelies!

Did you know that you can now order and buy food online?


Ok, have you heard about Hellofood?

No again?

Alrighty then, it is with great pleasure that i inform you about , an online food delivery service that makes it very easy for you to order food from your favourite resturants.

Whether you are in Lagos or abuja, when you visit the Hellofood site, all you need to do is to enter your city (Lagos or Abuja), enter your location, choose a resturant and place your order (the resturant delivers to your door), and then you pay on delivery if you don't want to pay online. Isn't that wonderful?

Monday, 6 January 2014

My Sister got re-defined!

Hiya folks!

Did i mention that it was my sister's wedding two weeks ago?

Yes it was, and of course i was her makeup artist. It was a glorious day! And with the way rain was falling at random last december, i thank God that there was no rainfall that day ooo! Everything went really well.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Simple and easy makeup tutorial

Hi lovelies.......

How's your saturday going? Splendid i hope. Any owambes today?

For some reason, i've been craving party jollof rice. You know that special 'agoyin' rice with that unique flavour that makes you want to drop your spoon and eat the rice with your fingers? Yes that's exactly the one! But since it's not available, lemme just settle for my 'Hindomin and hegg' garnished with 'sandin'.

Nuvi honey, this post is for you and other ladies out there who struggle with the basic makeup application everyday. I tried to make this look as simple as possible and i achieved it with the basic products and tools which everyone should have. I only used face powder, eyeshadow, brown eyebrow pencil, eyeliners, mascara, blush, lip liner and lipgloss. Then for the tools, i only used my little spoolie for blending out my brows, a foam applicator for applying the eyeshadows and a powder brush.

The products and tools i used. The eyeshadow palette is the 'Storm' palette by Sleek

The simple look i achieved

Very accessible right? I'm sure most of you ladies have all these things i mentioned.

So here are the step-by-step pictures below......a lot of pictures i must warn you oooo!