Friday, 31 January 2014

B 'n D makeover featuring Ada | Smokey plum

Hey beauties! Eeeeeees Friday!

You know what that means?? No school runs tomorrow!!! (I’m sure you thought i’ll say ‘partaaay time!’ abi?) Igasikwa!

I just love Saturday mornings because it means i can stay in bed till 11am if i want, although i wake up every morning by 6am just like clock-work….my body is now programmed that way ‘cos that’s when i get out of bed and start getting ready for school runs, so even on Saturdays and Sundays, my eyes snap open by 6am. Nope, i can't employ a driver.....i am 'fearing' them biko!
 Aha! You ladies are awesome! I’m amazed at the response i’m getting about the makeovers to be featured on my blog! I’ve received quite a number of e-mails from beautiful ladies volunteering their faces. Chei! Thank you very much ooo! Today, i did the first of such makeovers *Rings bell happily*

Ada's 'before' picture (taken without flash)

Ada (one of my lovely readers) came by my studio today with her cute baby and we had a makeover session complete with a mini-photoshoot. She has lovely skin, and i wish i had her kind of eyes…truly.

This look ‘Smokey plum’ was inspired by her gown which was black and had pink and plum details on it.

Her lips had to be mild ‘cos her eyes were already kinda loud.


MaryKay foundation in ‘Bronze 507’
MaryKay concealer in ‘Bronze 1’
Black radiance blush in ‘Soft honey’
Office pressed powder in ‘……….’

MAC brown eyebrow pencil
Tara’s eye primer
A plum eyeshadow shade from my Estee Lauder palette for her crease
A black eyeshadow from my Sleek ‘Storm’ palette for the smokey lids
A light shade from my Estee Lauder palette for highlighting her browbone
Zaron’s ‘Black velvet’ eyelinder for her waterlines
Maybelline ‘Define-a-lash’ mascara for her eyelashes
M.A.C fluidline gel liner in ‘Blacktrack’ for her upper lashlines

Jordana lipliner in ‘Hot cocoa’
Elizabeth Arden lipsticks in ‘Cameo & Peony’

Working on Ada’s face was a dream! I had fun doing it, and i can't wait to work on my next volunteer. Ada, thanks so much for coming by, and kiss your adorable son for me.


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  1. Thanks chichi it was a delight coming to your just renewed My confidence, If u invite me i will come again o. Caleb sent a teddy bear Hug.

  2. Wow, beautiful, luvly work. Hmmm Ada, I comment my reserve

  3. I love her eyes, nice job.

  4. wow very beautiful. you really got those eyebrows perfectly

  5. Gifted hands and Perfect work...I'll soon come for my makeover too>>> but you might have to pay for my flight.*winks*

  6. please i dont mind having a new look
    please pick me nexxxxt
    you're doing a wonderful job


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