Tuesday, 28 January 2014

B 'n D makeover | Pretty in pink

Good evening beauties.......

How was your day? Is it me or is this month painfully slow? It seems like it just doesn't want to end. I've heard of how slow January can be sometimes, but i've never experienced it till this year....Looolz! And to cap it all, the weather is soooo hot (or is it? I know that pregnant women have the tendency to feel hotter than everyone else around them. The heat emanates from within).

So what have you been up to? Me ehn, this evening i finished a plate of roasted yam and sweet potatoes with pepper sauce and kpomo and i washed it down with a bottle of orobo coke ( pls don't tell me that coke is bad for preggers women 'cos of the caffeine.....eeeees what baby wants jare!), and now, my tummy feels bloated and heavy choi! Baby makes me eat too much and as a result of that, i've developed thunder-thighs *groans*.

Anyway, i did this look sometime ago but i couldn't post it because......because......well, just because. *giggles*

Are you ladies tired of seeing just my face everytime? Frankly, i'm tired of using my face for all these looks..... so i'm thinking of using new faces. Would you like me to give you a makeover and then feature your face as a 'B 'n D look'? If so, please send me an email on blushes.dimples@gmail.com.

So here it is...... 'Pretty in pink'

Ehn-hen! you people! I learnt from Sisi Yemmie sometime ago that vaseline can be used as an eye-makeup remover. I've tried it twice and it's amazeballs! I was so happy when it worked out 'cos it means i won't have to buy an eye-makeup remover ever again. Why should i when vaseline is cheaper and very easy to get? Hoin? Thanks Sisi Yemmie!



Marykay foundations in bronze 607 & 507
Marykay concealers in bronze 1 & 2
Sleek pressed powder in 'Tropical bronze'
Black radiance blush in '...............'
Sleek contour kit in 'Dark'


Mac brown pencil and Italia pencil in 'Brown'
Tara's eye primer
NYX eyeshadow base in 'Skintone'
Pink and brown eyeshadows from my BH 120 color 4th edition eyeshadow palette
M.A.C fluidline gel liner in 'Blacktrack'
Zaron 'Black velvet' eyeliner pencil
Maybelline 'Define-a-lash' mascara


Jordana lipliner in 'Carbaret'
Givenchy lipstick in '..............'

Please ehn, wherever you see '.............' in the list of products used to achieve a look, it means that i can't recall the name at the moment, but i'll check and let you know what it is as soon as possible.

The reason why i do these 'B 'n D looks' is to give you an idea of different looks you can do on your face. I hope they help you out even a tiny 'lil bit. It might not be the entire look, but you might like the lips or the eyes alone. You get?

(By the way, i didn't proof-read, so any 'gbagaun' you find in this post, use it to cook soup *tongue out*)


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  1. Serioxly u r hilarious.u look gorgeous stil for a pregnant woman.and as usual d makeup is beautiful.tryin it out tomorow.

  2. Drooling over eye contact,nice look.

  3. Beautiful, i thought ur nose would have started increasing in size. You are lucky

    1. My nose doesn't increase ooo! I guess i'm lucky.

  4. Lovely makeup as always. Biko my face is available for makeover.

  5. Always beautiful...pls am so available!! Will def send u a mail..*wink*

    1. Yaaaaaaay! Waiting for your mail ooo!

  6. Lovely n u r so funny.

  7. Thanks so much Uziezi, Oluwaseun, Prettyb, Stella, Pinky, Lape and Anon. Y'all are too kind!

  8. LOL...hilarious! You look gorgeous, and am loving your blog :)


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