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BEAUTY TALK | Alcohol and your skin

'Ello! Welcome to another segment of 'Beauty talk'. Today, i'll be talking about alcohol and it's effect on your skin.

Ok, so we already know that we need to protect our skin from the harsh rays of the sun.....but what about that glass of red/white wine, the margaritas or that Smirnoff ice you love to sip? The mojitos, tequilas, rum, whiskey? What about those bottles of Snapp you like to take to unwind while clubbing? Even sef I'm sure that some of you take it several notches higher by downing bottles of Stout, Star, Gulder or even shots of ogogoro! #Gasp!!! I kid ooo!

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Did you know that alcohol dehydrates the body in general? When you drink alcohol, it dehydrates you and leaves you dry and is how it happens.....When you drink alcohol, it hinders the production of vasopressin which is an anti-diuretic hormone. This causes your kidneys to work extra hard to remove excess water from your system. Your kidneys does so by sending the water it's supposed to send to your other organs (like the skin, lungs, etc) to your bladder and it makes you pee all the time. So your skin which is the largest organ of your body doesn't get the water it needs, and it gets dry, coarse and dull-looking. Do you get? No? Oya read the paragraph again.... It's important that you understand it.

It's common knowledge that when your skin is dry, it's more likely to wrinkle and make you look older than your years (I'm sure nobody wants that). Alcohol also increases one's risk of getting skin cancer because the skin dryness it causes makes the skin more vulnerable to sun damage which then increases the risk of skin cancer.

Drinking too much alcohol also deprives your body of the vital vitamins and nutrients it needs, such as Vitamin A which is essential for collagen production and cell renewal, making it difficult for your old skin to shed and for new skin to emerge, hereby leaving your skin looking old and coarse. I'm sure you don't need a sooth-sayer to tell you that this is not good at all.

So what do you do? Simple! Drink water, water and more water! Drinking water is the only way to fight the drying effects of does so by hydrating your skin from within. So if you must drink alcohol, be sure to alternate each glass of alcohol with a glass of water. This will ensure that you stay hydrated and your skin will remain smooth and supple.

If it's possible, i guess reducing your alcohol intake won't hurt at all. I drink alcohol once in a while because i don't have the head for it. One tiny glass turns my bones into jelly and weakens me ehn! But i make sure i drink water right afterwards...try to do the same so that your skin won't suffer.

Finally, remember that makeup sets well on great skin. If you want your makeup to always turn out looking great, then take good care of your skin. Preventing your skin from getting dried out as a result of alcohol is one way of ensuring that your makeup turns out well.

Now that i've shared this info with sociable....share it still. Tell your friends and family.

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  1. Very good info here that people take for granted

  2. Thank u dear for this. Guess we learn everyday!


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